• Fooling Google

    Michelle Lazarus     |      March 31, 2024

    Art is based on life, and AI doesn’t have one. That’s just one reason why the art community is uniquely well-positioned to show us the limitations of AI.

  • AI at the bedside

    Michelle Lazarus     |      December 28, 2023

    Artificial Intelligence has already begun to transform healthcare, but can machine learning ever replace a doctor’s gut instincts about a real, live human patient?

  • We need to talk

    Michelle Lazarus     |      June 30, 2023

    AI existence depends on humanity. We develop(ed) it, use it and evaluate its use, but humanity is beginning to question its relationship status with AI.

  • Higher education in the age of AI

    Michelle Lazarus     |      January 8, 2023

    Asking ChatGPT – a bot which scrapes the internet to compile conversational answers using artificial intelligence – about the future of artificial intelligence unsurprisingly suggests that artificial intelligence will be the next big thing.