• Having fun in a messy world

    Peter Fritz     |      February 4, 2015

    In a world that’s constantly connected the focus has shifted from the outcome alone towards helping create the outcome. Peter Fritz has learned that a fun journey is as important as the destination.

  • Managing for change – how to make your future brighter, today

    Peter Fritz     |      October 27, 2014

    The world around us is constantly changing. Peter Fritz and Brad Howarth have written a book that aims to teach you how to constantly assess the future and develop skills in predicting and managing the forces of change.

  • How to remember a friend

    Peter Fritz     |      October 1, 2014

    Prime Minister Tony Abbott has launched a book with collected works of the late journalist Christopher Pearson. Peter Fritz is part of a group of friends who have gathered some of the best columns and essays in his honour.

  • Good intentions – unintended outcomes

    Peter Fritz     |      May 26, 2014

    Designing public policy in a multi-disciplinary world is difficult. Peter Fritz gives examples of policies with good intentions and unintended outcomes.

  • A moment in history

    Peter Fritz     |      May 13, 2014

    Today is Yom Haazmaut, the Independence Day of the State of Israel. Peter Fritz shares an anecdote of how the Decleration of Independence was arrived at.

  • What can Australia learn from Cuba?

    Peter Fritz     |      February 13, 2014

    Australia needs a balance of excellent management, self-interest and a coherent narrative. Peter Fritz recently visited Cuba and reflects on what we can learn from this country.

  • On the Future of Australia

    Peter Fritz     |      December 3, 2013

    We have to manage our economic interests, recognise opportunities and act on them when they arise. Peter Fritz identifies four initiatives for action now.

  • Productivity: creating a government of ‘doers’ not ‘gunnas’

    Peter Fritz     |      June 5, 2013

    Too much time is spent on discussing, researching and strategising projects and not enough emphasis is placed on implementation. Peter Fritz explains how it’s time to incentivise project completion.

  • Managing an ageing workforce

    Peter Fritz     |      April 5, 2013

    Ahead of the Global Access Partners conference on Productive Ageing Peter Fritz asks some important questions in regard to working after the age of 65 and how best to prepare for participation of older workers.  

  • Recognising the world changes but how issues remain the same

    Peter Fritz     |      February 28, 2013

    Reviewing a collection of papers, minutes and deliberations of committees he has been part over the last 20 years, Peter Fritz, Managing Director of Global Access Partners puts forward a case for the establishment of the Institute for Active Policy.

  • Made to measure holidays

    Peter Fritz     |      December 18, 2012

    Too often there is a one size fits all approach to travel. Peter Fritz explains his vision for made to measure holidays.

    I believe in a world which is ruled by mass production for individual taste where you have the ability to be able to choose to customise your experience to suit your life.

    I think travel is lagging behind in this area. You board a plane often akin to herded cattle and are given little choice or variety throughout your flight.  

    I am proposing to establish a new kind of experience, an internet service which allows individuals to tailor make their own trips. Would you like to go on a three day adventure to the Pyrenees, climbing the mountains and staying in small hotels? Through our service, a guide would be available to lead as few as a party of one, a family or a small group of friends.

  • Giving a voice to the community

    Peter Fritz     |      November 19, 2012

    In a democratic society, every voice should have equal weight. Peter Fritz argues that it is not the institutions or formal titles that give individuals the power to make a difference, but an active participation in policy discussions.

    Established some 12 years ago as a company endeavouring to help small medium sized enterprises to get access to large companies, GAP found in the first year or two that there were good reasons for the divide between small and large.

    Contrary to entrenched wisdom that small companies are little big companies we found that in fact the small and medium sized world is populated by its own particular and peculiar habits and life.  It’s a  different environment from the space that the big companies live in.