• New BESS edition released

    Peter Fritz     |      November 28, 2023

    The October 2023 double issue of BESS® explores the self-governing practices found in Indigenous societies, the growing ‘trust divide’ between our elected politicians and the electorate, the practical applications of positive deviance and the Second Track, and the new forms of political, economic and decision-making frameworks required to tackle global challenges.

  • Journal of Behavioural Economics and Social Systems (BESS)

    Peter Fritz     |      March 24, 2023

    The new edition of BESS® examines the issues of modern slavery in global supply chains, honours the contributions of late Prof Berndt Brehmer to the study of dynamic decision making under uncertainty, investigates the potential of humanities, arts and social sciences to address the unique challenges of the New Space Age, questions some of the outdated categories of economic capital, and recounts the origins of OECD’s leading body on SME policies.

  • Shut down the critics by putting them in charge

    Peter Fritz     |      December 3, 2021

    The best way to agree and implement solutions to the problems we face is to work together in new frameworks towards common goals, rather than defend vested interests or an outdated status quo.

  • Compliance and creativity

    Peter Fritz     |      March 18, 2021

    Global Access Partners’ Second Track process offers a proven method to generate and test new ideas based on evidence and experience, rather than faith, tradition or vested interest.

  • Behavioural economics in uncertain times

    Peter Fritz     |      July 15, 2020

    The new edition of the Journal of Behavioural Economics and Social Systems explores the potential of Second Track processes to tackle wicked problems by focusing on several specific examples, from mergers and acquisitions, responses to the pandemic and university-industry collaborations to Pacific development, disruptive technologies and workforce transformation.

  • Understanding people is the key to complex problem solving

    Peter Fritz     |      October 16, 2019

    GAP’s Journal of Behavioural Economics and Social Systems (BESS) will play an important role in Australian public life by using insights from behavioural economics to promote successful policy implementation and enduring social change.

  • Physician heal thyself

    Peter Fritz     |      March 6, 2018

    Many public advisory committees lack the information and training they require to produce the right policy proposals. Peter Fritz urges the creation of a new entity to give them the support they need to make more innovative and effective recommendations.

  • Leslie Fritz: Wine Connoisseur and Regional Industry Leader

    Peter Fritz     |      May 25, 2016

    When Leslie Fritz bought property in the Southern Highlands, he used revolutionary wine-making techniques and a passion for excellence to establish the first modern winery in the cool climate. Leslie’s son, Peter Fritz, explains how knowledge, imagination and foresight can transform a whole region.

  • Australia as an innovation hub

    Peter Fritz     |      October 30, 2015

    It is crucial that the government and we as communities adapt to coming changes. Peter Fritz explains why we need to plan today with tomorrow in mind.

  • A Vision for Australia – Part 3

    Peter Fritz     |      October 9, 2015

    Global Access Partners (GAP) is developing a ‘big picture’ vision and roadmap for Australia. The Chairman of GAP, Peter Fritz, concludes his series of blogs by sharing the most important part of achieving progress.

  • A Vision for Australia – Part 2

    Peter Fritz     |      October 1, 2015

    Global Access Partners (GAP) is developing a ‘big picture’ vision and roadmap for Australia. In this second of three blogs, the Chairman of GAP, Peter Fritz, discusses how to modernise health and education, productivity and public funds.

  • A Vision for Australia – Part 1

    Peter Fritz     |      September 24, 2015

    Global Access Partners (GAP) is developing a ‘big picture’ vision and roadmap for Australia. In this first of three blogs Peter Fritz, Chairman of GAP, stresses the importance of incentives and innovation.