• Here’s a way to end “health bill shock”

    Stephen Duckett     |      November 27, 2019

    A minority of greedy private doctors are bringing private medicine into disrepute, and reigning in their excesses would help restore public confidence in mixed healthcare.

  • Cutting health costs through better prosthesis

    Stephen Duckett     |      August 24, 2019

    Health insurance costs are rising and the price of prostheses such as hip replacements are partly to blame. Fortunately there is a way to rein in costs – and give patients more choice and better devices.

  • How do the parties shape up on health?

    Stephen Duckett     |      May 13, 2019

    The major parties’ manifestos for the 2019 federal election present voters with starkly contrasting health policies. These policies are shaped and constrained by the overall themes presented by the party leaders, but have some unique elements.

  • Doctors’ fees shouldn’t just be transparent, they should be fair and reasonable

    Stephen Duckett     |      August 6, 2018

    Out-of-pocket costs are a hot-button issue for Australian health consumers. Fees should be transparent, but that’s not good enough. Doctors, and especially specialists, should also be required to set fees that are “fair and reasonable”, rather than exploit the public.