• Flirting with trouble

    Lara Herrero     |      May 29, 2024

    COVID has declined from an international emergency four years ago to a mild inconvenience today, but a new variant called FLiRT could herald a resurgence this winter.

  • Does long COVID exist?

    Open Forum     |      March 15, 2024

    Long COVID may be no different to other post-viral syndromes, according to Australian research which found that people who tested positive for COVID-19 a year ago were no more likely to report moderate-to-severe functional limitations than people who had influenza.

  • Remember COVID?

    Deborah Lupton     |      January 28, 2024

    The COVID pandemic, which began four years ago, seems like a science fiction story in retrospect, with mass public lockdowns, vast handouts of government support and closely watched daily press conferences about a new disease which now seems little more threatening than the common cold.

  • How COVID took the fun out of shopping

    Open Forum     |      October 19, 2023

    A QUT researcher has found that – in the post-COVID era – shoppers now seek functional and transactional value, rather than fun and social interactions when visiting a shopping centre.

  • COVID past, present and future

    Stephen Duckett     |      July 17, 2022

    Despite, rather than because, of its federal government, Australia managed to evade the worst of the initial COVID epidemic, but now the disease has slipped from the headlines and political attention, its impact is worse than ever.

  • Will we need a fourth shot for COVID?

    Emi Berry     |      February 24, 2022

    While coronavirus has fallen from the headlines of late, the pandemic continues to claim lives around Australia and the rest of the world. Will COVID vaccinations become an annual event, or have we had enough shots to last us a lifetime?

  • What’s next after omicron?

    Vinod Balasubramaniam     |      February 3, 2022

    Omicron has had a huge impact on Australia in a matter of weeks – but while we are still grappling with this variant – should we be planning for the next variant – or the one after that?

  • A royal commission for COVID?

    Michelle Grattan     |      January 28, 2022

    A royal commission would not detract from Australia’s undoubted successes in dealing with COVID but would put us in a better position to confront a future wave or new pandemic.

  • Australia’s COVID performance flatters to deceive

    Tom Westland     |      January 23, 2022

    Australia managed the COVID-19 crisis better than many other countries, but there are still too many instances where policies and responses appeared ad hoc or unintelligible, driving up costs, illnesses and deaths.

  • Lies, damned lies and COVID statistics

    Richard Holden     |      January 22, 2022

    Rather than deal in ‘pleasing’ platitudes, federal and state governments should tell us everything they know about COVID infections, hospitalisations and deaths. So why don’t they?

  • Controlling COVID in 2022

    Vinod Balasubramaniam     |      January 18, 2022

    Australia and the rest of the world have the tools and knowledge to finally get the COVID epidemic under control in 2022.

  • Riding the big wave

    Adrian Esterman     |      January 15, 2022

    Modelling used by the NSW government suggests up to half the state’s population will contract omicron in the present wave, so what figures should we follow to show when the worst is over?