• Safety versus security

    Teagan Westendorf     |      August 6, 2021

    Right-wing and Islamist extremists, along with organised criminals, are increasingly exploiting the relatively unpoliced nature of the internet to recruit new followers and conduct business.

  • Policing the internet

    Teagan Westendorf     |      June 18, 2021

    Efforts to police unlawful activity on the internet must tread a fine line between protecting the public from criminals and protecting civil liberties and personal privacy.

  • The myths and realities of youth crime in northern Australia

    Teagan Westendorf     |      May 11, 2021

    State and territory governments should address the problem of youth crime in northern Australia with coordinated justice and child protection policies.

  • Australia needs a Magnitsky Act

    Teagan Westendorf     |      March 9, 2021

    The arrest of accused drug lord Tse Chi Lop and allegations of large-scale money laundering in Australian casinos have exposed to the public the deep economic connections transnational and organised crime syndicates have established here, and the scale of the threat we face.

  • Facing down the far-right

    Teagan Westendorf     |      March 5, 2021

    Covid-19 has left many young Australians isolated and vulnerable to the far-right’s hate messaging, which has surged globally and is showing its face domestically with more audacity and coherence than ever before.