• A test of global leadership

    Vernon White     |      March 25, 2020

    As the global coronavirus pandemic stretches our leaders’ ability to take back control, we’ll find out whether they can make the necessary adjustments to help societies thrive rather than just survive over the months to come.

  • Australia’s police are not being militarised

    Vernon White     |      November 7, 2019

    Media articles and social justice campaigners suggest that police agencies are putting special forces onto the streets of Australia, but nothing could be further from the truth.

  • It’s time to tackle our opioid problem

    Vernon White     |      September 23, 2019

    The abuse of opioids, both legal and illegal, has been a problem in Australia for decades, but the rise of drugs such as fentanyl means they must be tackled with renewed urgency.

  • Policing on the front line of mental health emergencies

    Vernon White     |      April 24, 2019

    Police and mental health professionals must work together and ‘mind the gap’ when called to deal with people suffering mental health issues.

  • Australia needs a new strategy to deal with illicit drug use

    Vernon White     |      March 7, 2019

    Australia’s first responders are dealing with an ever-growing number of drug emergencies and the problem of addiction to prescribed opioids is also on the rise.