• Unglitching the matrix

    Open Forum     |      May 21, 2022

    New research from Monash University offers a new approach to help predict vulnerabilities in software code and strengthen cybersecurity.

  • Managing Australia’s software security threat

    Sarah Sloan     |      May 17, 2022

    As our world becomes increasingly digitised and connected, attacks on software supply chains are only set to increase, particularly by hostile nations such as Russia and China on defence and security contractors.

  • Losing trust in the digital world

    Lesley Seebeck     |      February 16, 2022

    Cybersecurity thinking has adapted to the reality of constantly shifting, often unknowable systems, replete with continual interactions and adjustments between users, technology, data and the environment.

  • Fending off foreign meddling in the Federal Election

    Open Forum     |      February 11, 2022

    A new report has urged the Government to act now to protect Australia and the forthcoming Federal Election against online misinformation from hostile foreign states such as Russia and China.

  • Protecting human rights organisations from cyber-attacks

    Con Anagnostopoulos     |      November 30, 2021

    UNSW Sydney has signed a research agreement with Swiss technology company Neutrality to develop cyber network safeguards for humanitarian organisations targeted by hostile actors and foreign powers.

  • Australia needs a sovereign ICT capability

    Gary Waters     |      November 29, 2021

    The creation of a framework for sovereign ICT capability would help Australia prioritise the strategic ICT capabilities we need, and build on the strong foundations we already have.

  • How safe is your DNA?

    Thom Dixon     |      November 6, 2021

    If we want to enjoy the economic, health and security benefits of a burgeoning bioeconomy, then we need to do the hard work on anticipating and mitigating the risks.

  • Ethical hackers test Australia’s census system

    Brendan Nicholson     |      August 10, 2021

    In the lead-up to the census, cybersecurity specialists have been bombarding the Australian Bureau of Statistics’ online systems to probe any vulnerabilities.

  • Combating nation-state cyber-attacks

    Annalaura Galo     |      August 5, 2021

    Cyber-attacks are becoming increasingly sophisticated, and the range of targets has expanded to include government agencies, the defence industry and critical-infrastructure providers but the most destabilising trend is the surge in cyber operations carried out by nation-states and groups sponsored by governments.

  • For our own good?

    Julie Inman Grant     |      August 3, 2021

    While many users want to be left alone to enjoy the freedom of decentralised internet services, some bodies such as “eSafety” want tighter policing to protect users from what they see as ‘harm’, whether they like it or not.

  • Securing data to protect Australia’s critical infrastructure

    David Tudehope     |      July 8, 2021

    If Australia’s laws and authorities are to help secure and defend Australia’s critical data, it must first be brought within the new security regulatory regime.

  • Time to make cyber security compulsory

    Richard Oloruntoba     |      May 31, 2021

    A cyber security compliance program would be financially costly, but would be a worthwhile investment to protect our infrastructure given the societal impact of cyber attacks.