• Taming the spy in your kitchen

    Open Forum     |      September 17, 2020

    More and more objects and devices in the home are now connected to the internet, making them potentially at risk of being hacked. However Australia’s new voluntary code of practice to make IoT devices more secure may expose consumers to greater risks.

  • Why China’s Zhenhua data trove matters

    Michael Shoebridge     |      September 17, 2020

    The Zhenhua revelations offer another chance to challenge Beijing to reduce its egregious interference in other societies to shore up the position of the CCP.

  • Cyber-security comes to the fore

    Dawn Lo     |      August 19, 2020

    Our heavier reliance on technology has allowed malicious actors the opportunity to exploit individuals and businesses, say UNSW cyber experts.

  • Small business at the front line of cyber-security

    Alison Howe     |      August 7, 2020

    The Federal government’s new cybersecurity strategy includes welcome enhancements to the recognition of the vulnerability of the SME sector and a range of new initiatives.

  • Opportunism drives China’s cyber-attacks

    Tom Uren     |      August 1, 2020

    Although there has been a sustained increase in cyber activity targeting Australia, the Chinese state is still focused on stealing western technology, rather than applying foreign policy pressure.

  • Trust is the first victim of cyber-war

    Richard Buckland     |      July 17, 2020

    Beyond the obvious risk of financial loss, cyberattacks can weaken our trust in digital infrastructure – and by extension, our trust in public institutions, too.

  • Australia’s SMEs need a national cyber resilience strategy

    Alison Howe     |      July 12, 2020

    Improving the cyber resilience of thousands of small businesses would help strengthen the nation against serious cyber threats.

  • Time to ramp up Australian cyber-security

    Ebony Stansfield     |      July 5, 2020

    The announcement of the biggest-ever funding package to combat cyberattacks confirms just how vulnerable Australia’s cybersecurity really is – and it’s not just because of China.

  • Protecting anonymous data

    Jessica Clarence     |      May 27, 2020

    The concerns raised by the COVIDSafe app suggest that Australians care a lot about privacy, at least when information to be held by the government is involved. Let’s turn that passion into action, starting with bolstering the privacy protections on large datasets.

  • Hacking the headlines

    Elise Thomas     |      February 6, 2020

    Journalists and media organisations should be asking much tougher questions whenever a cybersecurity company tries to shop them a story that sounds a little too cinematic to be true.

  • Cybersecurity is a national priority

    Peter Dutton     |      November 26, 2019

    Improving Australia’s cybersecurity has never been more important to our economic prosperity and national security.

  • Tackling the cyber threat to satellites

    Malcolm Davis     |      November 19, 2019

    The Australian Defence Force depends heavily on satellite communications but these systems are increasingly vulnerable to attacks by hostile states and terrorist hackers.