• Global trade digitisation – An opportunity for Australia

    Open Forum     |      October 30, 2018

    Michael Lim, Head of Trade and Supply Chain at ANZ, outlined the opportunities for digitising regional trade documents at GAP’s Economic Summit in Sydney.

  • Banking with a human face

    Diane Nazaroff     |      September 30, 2018

    Motivating bank staff to treat customers well will be a big challenge for the Royal Commission after revelations that incentive schemes encouraged staff to undertake unethical behaviour.

  • Helping your children get on property ladder

    Amelia Atkins     |      September 26, 2018

    More than half of first-time buyers need their families to help, and they mostly turn to their parents and occasionally grandparents. Here are several solutions for helping your children get on the property ladder and become independent.

  • Assessing the value of public spending through social return accounting

    Open Forum     |      September 10, 2018

    What is the value of a hospital? A longer school day? A faster internet? Social Return Accounting – a cutting-edge new method for calculating the costs and, crucially, the shared benefits of government spending – can put a dollar figure on it.

  • Digital trade summit at NSW Parliament House

    Catherine Fritz-Kalish     |      September 6, 2018

    GAP’s 9th Annual Economic Summit will be held on 6th – 7th September and will bring together 135 people who have a vested interest in seeing Australia respond to the opportunities that Digital Trade presents.

  • The future of sharing: it’s still about freedom

    Jem Bendell     |      August 9, 2018

    The idealism behind the original vision of the sharing economy hasn’t died — it just needs more support and protection.

  • How to break up with plastics – using behavioural science

    Kim Borg     |      July 19, 2018

    Plastic is not evil: it’s flexible, durable, waterproof and cheap. The issue is the way we dispose of it.

  • Confronting the money-power elite

    Thomas Greco     |      July 1, 2018

    Those who control the creation and allocation of money are able to control every other aspect of society. So shouldn’t ordinary people have more say over money, rather than rich and self-serving elites?

  • How did a cockatoo reach 13th century Sicily?

    Heather Dalton     |      June 27, 2018

    Images of a cockatoo in Frederick II of Sicily’s book on falconry reveal how trade routes around Australia’s north were flourishing as far back as medieval times.

  • New report casts doubt on Sydney’s affordable housing policy

    Open Forum     |      June 22, 2018

    Affordable rental options for low-income households in Sydney need to be drastically improved according to the City Futures Research Centre.

  • Australia’s foreign real estate investment boom looks to be over. Here are five things we learned

    Dallas Rogers     |      June 1, 2018

    Domestic and foreign real estate investment have long been connected to the financial services industries, and the built environment is central to creating and storing surplus capital. Australian cities continue to be heavily influenced by global money despite the recent slowdown in foreign purchases.

  • The big budget takeaways

    Andrew Trounson     |      May 10, 2018

    Some economists worry that a flatter tax system will heighten inequality in the wake of the 2018 Federal Budget and the challenge of affording an older Australia still remains to be addressed.