• University blues

    Andrew Norton     |      November 3, 2023

    Australia’s universities have enjoyed explosive growth over the last thirty years, but critics argue this influx of international and domestic students have inflated revenues at the cost of academic standards and integrity.

  • Smart work pays off

    Open Forum     |      November 3, 2023

    High engagement, high return. That’s the advice from education experts at the University of South Australia for teachers looking to improve student outcomes.

  • Intellectual humility

    Eranda Jayawickreme     |      October 29, 2023

    One of the most important steps towards learning anything is acknowledging you don’t know everything already.

  • All God’s children got rhythm

    Open Forum     |      October 20, 2023

    Pre-school aged children gain a ‘musicians’ advantage’ by participating in a specialised rhythm program, according to investigations by QUT researchers.

  • Bouncing back from bad marks

    Keiko Bostwick     |      September 20, 2023

    New research examining what helps students bounce back from academic setbacks, poor marks or competing deadlines suggests a strong sense of school community is the best protection from despair.

  • Learning by being

    John Quay     |      September 6, 2023

    When we learn, we are knowing and doing and being – educators work with all three. While that may seem like common sense, the value of bringing them together cohesively is not understood as well as it should be.

  • Making the most of university knowledge

    Duncan Ivison     |      August 30, 2023

    Given recent scandals with the big four consulting firms, the government should look to tap the knowledge and expertise in our university system and revitalise the public service.

  • What comes next?

    Lucas Walsh     |      August 28, 2023

    Students in Year 12 are faced with a daunting range of future choices in terms of work, training or further education as well as the pressure of exams.

  • Early Childhood Royal Commission may boost teaching opportunities

    Open Forum     |      August 23, 2023

    South Australia’s preschool teacher workforce may be due for a shakeup after the final report from the Early Childhood Royal Commission is released.

  • Playing catch up

    Olivia Groves     |      August 21, 2023

    Fewer than 1 in 5 Australian children who fall behind their peers in Year 3 catch up and stay caught up over the course of their school education.

  • Children can thrive in after school care

    Open Forum     |      August 8, 2023

    A pilot study shows how after-school care can play an important role in building children’s well-being and social connection. The program involves children in the design process and gives them a voice and role to shape their own experience.

  • The music of maths

    Open Forum     |      August 3, 2023

    Learning music and bringing music into maths lessons can help students improve their maths scores, according to an international meta-analysis of 55 studies testing the impact of music lessons, learning a musical instrument and integrating music into maths lessons on a student’s mathematical ability.