• The view from the top

    Brian Schmidt     |      October 18, 2018

    Professor Brian Schmidt, Vice Chancellor of the Australian National University, outlined the stark choice facing humanity in his keynote address to the Times Higher Education World Academic Summit in Singapore.

  • University panel ponders the use of student data

    Open Forum     |      October 7, 2018

    A panel of professionals, academics and students at UNSW Sydney has discussed some tricky ethical questions about how universities handle student data.

  • Crows launch innovative STEM programme

    Open Forum     |      October 1, 2018

    Australian Rules football and the Adelaide Crows will be at the forefront of an innovative new education program designed to encourage more school students to engage in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM).

  • Three critical steps to putting more women in the STEM spotlight

    Janelle Wheat     |      September 28, 2018

    Breaking long-standing behaviours that limit women’s ability to shine in STEM careers will take tenacity.

  • Proving what really works in education

    John Hattie     |      September 19, 2018

    Using data and reason, rather than intuition, to decide where to invest the large sums spent globally on education, would make a huge difference to the learning outcomes of many students

  • Choosing the right school for your child

    Nicky Dulfer     |      September 11, 2018

    Choosing the right school for your children can be a daunting prospect for any family, but keeping a few simple tips in mind can help make the right decision for everyone.

  • Phonics training in preschool fast tracks reading skills

    Andrew Spence     |      August 23, 2018

    A South Australian study has found that Preschool children who receive phonics and sound awareness training can improve their reading more quickly than their untutored peers.

  • Universities return $66 billion to the Australian public, new research claims

    Larissa Mavros     |      August 16, 2018

    UNSW Sydney Vice-Chancellor and President Professor Ian Jacobs’ address at the National Press Club highlighted the economic contributions of Australia’s top research universities.

  • International education is vital to Australia’s Indo-Pacific relationships

    Larissa Mavros     |      August 8, 2018

    International education means a lot more than foreign students merely coming to study in Australia and then leaving with a degree, Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull has told a meeting at UNSW Sydney.

  • How to help your child love playing music

    Open Forum     |      August 7, 2018

    Nagging or bribing a child to practise their musical instrument only makes the activity feel like a chore. Here’s how to support your child and bring back harmony to the whole family.

  • Teaching your child to cope

    Erica Frydenberg     |      August 4, 2018

    Children are not immune to the stresses and pressures of modern life but coping skills to improve their ability to cope can be encouraged by their parents and teachers. With depression rates on the rise among young people, learning them is more important than ever.

  • International students are good for Australia

    Laurie Pearcey     |      August 2, 2018

    Calls for a cap on international students are unfounded and put at risk a major driver of Australia’s prosperity, potentially leading to the demise of a colossus which, indeed, we might never see again.