• Clean and secure power – A roadmap to a renewable future

    Andrew Stock     |      March 10, 2018

    Time is running out for the climate as temperatures rise, the poles melt and weather patterns alter. Australia needs to act quickly and decisively by cutting greenhouse gas pollution from the electricity sector and a new plan from the Climate Council explains how it could be done.

  • Do we even need Snowy II?

    Peter Farley     |      March 9, 2018

    Victorian engineer Peter Farley crunches the numbers to show the proposed Snowy II hydro-power scheme would be surplus to requirements, given the growth in distributed storage capacity and alternative sources of generation.

  • Australia enjoys a record year for renewable energy production

    Kane Thornton     |      March 7, 2018

    Remarkable growth made 2017 a record year for Australian renewable energy production, but ongoing policy uncertainty means that continued expansion cannot be taken for granted.

  • Energy from waste – the rise of biogas

    Alan Stevenson     |      February 1, 2018

    Could biogas be the answer to excessive food wastage in Australia, not to mention an opportunity to decrease the use of fossil fuels? Alan Stevenson ponders the benefits of biogas from anaerobic digesters.

  • Considering our river systems

    Max Thomas     |      January 31, 2018

    Is Cubbie Station to blame for the state of the Darling River? Expert on environmental management systems Max Thomas considers whether the accusations are accurate.

  • GAP in 2017 – a year in review

    Catherine Fritz-Kalish     |      December 21, 2017

    2017 has been a year of celebration for Global Access Partners. Managing Director Catherine Fritz-Kalish reviews a GAP year filled with achievement.

  • Good habits for good environment

    Lisa Novoradovskaya     |      December 7, 2017

    Environmental damage will considerably impact generations to come. Lisa Novoradovskaya, PhD student at Curtin University, WA, explains how changing behaviours by promoting proper habits could improve our health and environment.

  • Climate & energy – appeasement does not work

    Ian Dunlop     |      December 4, 2017

    Until climate drives energy policy, there will never be the certainty for investment, reliability, security and affordability. Ian Dunlop, former chair of the Australian Coal Association, discusses the National Energy Guarantee (NEG) and the profound implications of repeating the past.

  • Australia comes bottom of the class on climate action

    John Iser     |      November 24, 2017

    Australia has scored poorly in the recently released Climate Change Performance Index (CCPI) coming 54 of 57 countries and remaining a long way from Paris targets. Dr John Iser of Doctors for the Environment discusses the major additional effort to be undertaken if Australia is to increase its ranking.

  • The Rain in Spain

    Max Thomas     |      October 5, 2017

    The push for Catalonian independence has its roots in conflict dating back 300 years. Max Thomas considers the vital natural resources that have shaped civilisation and human development for thousands of years and suggests that independence movements elsewhere in Europe should closely watch developments in Spain.

  • Incubator for energy tech start-ups

    editor     |      September 26, 2017

    EnergyAustralia has signed a Memorandum of Understanding with Kiah Research, one of the TCG companies, to establish an incubator for energy tech start-ups, using the know-how of Energy Australia and the commercial nous of TCG.

  • Coal – the inconvenient truth

    David Shearman     |      September 26, 2017

    The debate on energy has omitted one vital factor that may have provided a rational outcome – health. Dr David Shearman AM, founder of Doctors for the Environment, considers the health ramifications of continued use of coal-fired power.