• Health economics

    Open Forum     |      March 5, 2024

    Health economists must play a key role in decision making to improve the efficiency of local hospitals and health networks if Australia wants better results from the $180 billion dollars spent every year on healthcare services.

  • Fat planet

    Open Forum     |      March 2, 2024

    While malnutrition remains an important issue in some countries, over a billion people around the world are now obese, with all the health problems this implies.

  • Generation vape

    Open Forum     |      February 23, 2024

    Vaping was initially toted as a safer alternative – and route out of – smoking tobacco, but has become a major health threat in its own right.

  • A tan to die for

    Open Forum     |      February 16, 2024

    Collarium sunbeds are being marketed for commercial use in parts of Australia, despite sunbeds or tanning beds being banned for commercial use in Australia for nearly 10 years due to the risk of skin cancer.

  • Identifying risky drugs for older people

    Open Forum     |      February 6, 2024

    Australian researchers have developed a list of 16 potentially dangerous medications used in healthcare for older people and suggested a range of safer alternatives.

  • Modernising Medicare

    Anthony Scott     |      February 3, 2024

    As Medicare turns 40 years old this month, it’s important to reflect on its achievements, and also what needs to be done to remodel it.

  • Their foot’s in the door

    Ben Knight     |      January 27, 2024

    While The Last of Us remains a work of fiction, real-life scientists are worried about rising rates and severity of fungal infections worldwide.

  • Walk hard

    Open Forum     |      January 27, 2024

    The ability to walk a kilometre or not can help predict fracture risk for older adults, say researchers at the Garvan Institute of Medical Research and UNSW Sydney.

  • Green mental health

    Alan Stevenson     |      January 24, 2024

    Getting out into nature helps people improve their mental health – and bringing nature back into our cities can reduce crime.

  • Best foot forward

    Open Forum     |      January 18, 2024

    A randomised control trial has found that “gamified” step exercises at home helped prevent falls for people over 65 by over a quarter, compared to a control group.

  • The return of COVID

    Adrian Esterman     |      January 12, 2024

    COVID is now seen as a minor inconvenience, rather than a global health threat, but a new variant is surging across the world and only 20% of older Australians are up to date with their booster shots.

  • Eight weeks to less stress

    Open Forum     |      December 29, 2023

    A little compassion can go a long way in life, and just eight weeks of a new compassion and mindfulness-based program has made a world of difference to those with post-traumatic stress symptoms.