• Eat fresh

    Open Forum     |      May 29, 2023

    Adopting aspects of the famous Mediterranean diet could help cut your food bills as well as improve your health.

  • Investing in research

    Open Forum     |      May 16, 2023

    A study co-led by The University of Queensland has found Australia is lagging behind similar countries in funding basic research, particularly in the medical, biotechnology and pharmaceutical sectors.

  • How old are you on the inside?

    Ye Ella Tian     |      April 29, 2023

    The biological age of a person’s brain and body could be routinely measured in the doctor’s clinic to identify people at risk of chronic disease and enable early lifestyle adjustments and medications.

  • Fewer superdrugs for more superbugs

    Open Forum     |      March 23, 2023

    Just 12 new antibiotics have entered the market from 2017 to 2021, according to a World Health Organization review that says the antibiotics currently in the pipeline aren’t enough to keep up with the rise in antibiotic-resistant ‘superbugs’.

  • Merchants of death

    Michelle Jongenelis     |      March 21, 2023

    Tobacco companies reap vast profits from selling a product they know will kill or cripple many of their customers, so it’s little surprise they continue to oppose any attempts to reduce the health toll of their poisonous products.

  • Sex, lies and vape advertising

    Jonine Jancey     |      March 13, 2023

    It’s time to stop the promotion of vaping products through online retailers and ban the use of unsubstantiated marketing claims.

  • COVID’s still a problem

    Brendan Crabb     |      March 12, 2023

    COVID has fallen out of the headlines and public consciousness, but it still takes its toll of people’s lives and health, and burdens the health system.

  • Smoking 2.0

    Simon Chapman     |      March 7, 2023

    Vaping advocates argue we need vapes to help smokers quit, but the evidence they do that is weak, indeed vaping offers a gateway to smoking, and is dangerous to users and obnoxious to others in itself.

  • Placebo health

    Alan Stevenson     |      March 6, 2023

    New research into the elusive ‘placebo’ effect suggests we have more control over our bodies than was previously thought – maybe faith can indeed move mountains.

  • DNA databases

    Beth Tarini     |      March 4, 2023

    Collecting DNA data is not much help without the key to understanding what it all means, and that key is centralised health records.

  • Burn the blues away

    Open Forum     |      February 27, 2023

    University of South Australia researchers are calling for exercise to be a mainstay approach for managing depression as a new study shows that physical activity is 1.5 times more effective than counselling or the leading medications.

  • A bitter pill to swallow

    Open Forum     |      February 18, 2023

    The world’s pharmaceutical companies justify the absurd price tags for their products with the claim the money goes to developing new life saving drugs, but their financial figures suggest otherwise.