• How COVID changed the way we use health care

    Open Forum     |      December 18, 2020

    Data from the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare reveals how people’s use of health care services changed due to COVID-19.

  • Staying “food safe” this Christmas

    Open Forum     |      December 18, 2020

    The Food Safety Information Council has launched their Christmas and Summer entertaining food safety advice, with additional tips to avoid COVID-19.

  • Art of the mind

    Open Forum     |      December 9, 2020

    Artistic mediums such as visual art, music, dance and creative writing can help people recovering from mental health issues to share their stories and gain confidence and understanding of their illness.

  • Heads up on mental health

    Suresh Sundram     |      November 25, 2020

    If there’s ever been a time for a paradigm shift in the way we conceptualise mental health and treat mental illness, it’s now.

  • Regulating medical devices in the ‘Internet of things’

    Carolyn Johnston     |      November 24, 2020

    New research explores the gap between regulation and practice in healthcare devices, particularly for type 1 diabetes, that are part of the Internet of Things.

  • Improve your wellbeing all year round

    Amy Vu     |      November 19, 2020

    During times of uncertainty it’s important to support your own mental wellbeing. If you’re not started yet, here are a few easy-to-implement self-care tips to improve your daily wellbeing.

  • Health and wellness trends that will define the “new normal”

    Derek Lotts     |      November 18, 2020

    The COVID outbreak has underlined the importance of staying fit and well, even when fitness and sporting facilities have been closed or limited in their capacity.

  • Put down your phone and go to sleep

    Open Forum     |      November 16, 2020

    Analysis of data from the UK Biobank, involving almost 85,000 people, has found that lifestyle factors such as less screen time, adequate sleep, a better-quality diet, and physical activity can help fight depression.

  • The ethics of infecting healthy people

    Amanda Berry     |      October 26, 2020

    There are more than 200 COVID-19 vaccine candidates being considered at the moment, but human challenge studies are still needed to allow scientists to assess which are most worthy of further development.

  • Educating the public on genetic testing

    Open Forum     |      October 17, 2020

    A study of Queensland health consumers has found that work is required to improve public understanding and awareness of genetic testing, given its significant potential to improve health outcomes.

  • Helping first responders deal with stress

    Brendan Nicholson     |      October 16, 2020

    Fortem Australia is a not-for-profit organisation providing mental health support to members of first responder agencies and their families.

  • A sweet solution to the sugar problem

    Julie Brimblecombe     |      October 13, 2020

    Away from the glare of metropolitan Australian cities and research centres a unique experiment helped reduce sugar consumption in the far north of the country.