• Preventing a relapse

    Kevin Repass     |      January 27, 2019

    Recovering from drug or alcohol addiction is a long and difficult process, but the support of peers can help individuals rebuild their lives and relationships.

  • Happiness is living the way we evolved to live

    Arash Javanbakht     |      January 24, 2019

    Society and technology evolve exponentially faster than the human body and psyche, and remembering the ancient realities which shaped our bodies can help us find greater happiness in the modern world.

  • What is déjà vu? What is déjà vu?

    Kate Stanton     |      January 20, 2019

    Many of us have had the experience of seeing or doing something and it feeling eerily familiar, but what do we know about what’s happening when we get déjà vu?

  • Cultivating optimism through meditation and leadership

    Victor Perton     |      January 17, 2019

    A free workshop on “How to be More Optimistic: Optimism, Meditation and Leadership” will be held on the 2nd of February in Sydney, featuring author Victor Perton, international affairs expert Keith Suter and women´s transformation and courage author Caroline Ward.

  • Understanding the ‘pavement polka’

    Erin Munro     |      January 16, 2019

    Understanding how pedestrians negotiate space and oncoming people on crowded city pavements offers insights into the working of our brains.

  • Mid-life crisis – Fact or fiction?

    Nick Haslam     |      January 7, 2019

    Studies show the great majority of people believe in the reality of the so-called “midlife crisis” and almost half of adults over 50 claim to have had one. But is it actually real?

  • Reaching for the stars – The pursuit of long term goals

    Thomas Bateman     |      January 4, 2019

    NASA’s New Horizon probe has taken startling photos of Ultima Thule, a far distant ‘snowman’ in the kuiper belt beyond Pluto. The probe was launched over thirteen ago, so how do people on such long term projects retain their motivation?

  • Building ‘goal infrastructure’ can help you keep your resolutions

    Peter Heslin     |      January 2, 2019

    How you go about a task helps determine how likely you are to succeed. Studies over several decades have identified some effective ways to overcome common obstacles to realising your plans for the New Year and the future.

  • Green trends in kitchen design for 2019

    Amelia Atkins     |      October 25, 2018

    Households can do their bit to reduce energy consumption, and save money as well as helping the environment, by thinking green when it comes to refurbishing their kitchens.