• Reshaping Sydney by design

    Richard Hu     |      April 19, 2019

    Over the past two decades,, Sydney has quietly adopted a mandatory competitive design process for the projects that have transformed the city skyline.

  • Finding hope in the ashes of Notre Dame

    John James     |      April 19, 2019

    The destruction of the ‘heart and soul’ of Paris is also an opportunity to rebuild and restore responsibility for the culture we create.

  • Rebuilding Notre Dame

    Claire Smith     |      April 18, 2019

    A wonderful icon has been largely destroyed by fire. However, we should not despair. Notre Dame will rise from the ashes, as other great buildings have before.

  • A new national urban management plan for resilient cities

    Open Forum     |      April 2, 2019

    Researchers from The University of Queensland have helped to develop a four-point plan to create more sustainable, liveable, prosperous and resilient cities.

  • A reset in housing policy is long overdue

    Duncan Maclennan     |      March 29, 2019

    The problems with housing systems in Australia and similar countries run deep. Solutions depend on a fundamental rethink of our approach to housing and its central place in our lives and the economy.

  • Water, water, not everywhere

    Paul Satur     |      March 29, 2019

    Safe and clean access to water and sanitation is still not a right afforded to everyone, even in Australia, but tapping into a new way of thinking about water could benefit everyone.

  • Melbourne should use its desalination plants

    Andrew Western     |      March 27, 2019

    Turning on the Wonthaggi water desalination plant now rather than later will save money in the long run and head off an emergency later for the city of Melbourne.

  • It’s time for more action on dangerous cladding

    Mehrdad Arashpour     |      February 28, 2019

    Urgent action to understand and reduce the dangers from unsuitable cladding on buildings is required from the construction industry to prevent future disasters.