• What’s next for Jacinda Ardern?

    Jennifer Lees-Marshment     |      October 21, 2020

    New Zealanders want leadership that shows care and concern but also takes action and accomplishing this amid a global health and economic crisis is not going to be easy.

  • Reviewing the global threat spectrum

    Alexandra Pascoe     |      October 16, 2020

    While the headlines remain dominated by the problems caused by coronavirus and the turmoil of the American election, a range of other threats and tensions shouldn’t be forgotten.

  • China’s debt-trap diplomacy threatens PNG

    Jeffrey Wall     |      September 10, 2020

    The rapidly deteriorating state of Papua New Guinea’s economy is increasing the danger of China applying economic pressure to extract political concessions.

  • The storm before the calm

    Colin Chapman     |      September 3, 2020

    Many Americans think their country is in bad shape but George Friedman’s close examination of American history indicates that the country is in the midst of an expected period of transition rather than a state of decline.

  • Counterpoint by Mark Nicol – Western crisis – The need for realpolitik enlightenment

    Mark Nicol     |      September 2, 2020

    Faced with the rise of China and other geo-political threats, the declining power and confidence of the Western democracies, can only be reversed if cold hard realities are confronted.

  • A big bang on Lebanon’s 100th anniversary

    Oula Ghannoum     |      August 29, 2020

    The explosion that destroyed the Port of Beirut on the 4th of August shattered the hearts of every Lebanese resident and expatriate. Oula Ghannoum offers a touching homage to her troubled, but still beautiful, homeland.

  • The changing of the guard

    Daniel Steedman     |      August 27, 2020

    The institutional foundations put in place after World War Two are being choked and eroded by great power rivalries, leaving the world a more fractious and dangerous place.

  • Counterpoint by Mark Nicol – For the sake of Russia

    Mark Nicol     |      August 27, 2020

    Mark Nicol offers an imaginative vision of the past, present and perhaps future of mother Russia.

  • The martyrdom of Alexei Navalny

    William Partlett     |      August 23, 2020

    As protests in Belarus continue, the poisoning of Russian opposition leader Alexei Navalny shows that Russian dictator Vladimir Putin is equally afraid of losing his iron grip on power.

  • Populists in a pandemic

    ANU Editorial Board     |      August 12, 2020

    No amount of rhetorical smoke-and-mirrors can outweigh voters’ lived experiences of losing economic security or losing loved ones as a result of COVID-19 — as populist leaders the world over are now quickly learning.

  • Another bloody century

    Mohan Malik     |      August 5, 2020

    The triple crises of geopolitical power shifts, the Covid-19 pandemic and the economic disasters that flow from it will shape global politics, restructure global supply chains and bring an end to unregulated globalisation.

  • Using regional forums to advance the women, peace and security agenda

    Genevieve Feely     |      June 24, 2020

    As we move past the 20th anniversary of the UN’s women, peace and security agenda, Australia can pursue innovative, complementary paths for embedding its principles in the international peace and security realm through regional organisations.