• Tiananmen Square, 3–4 June 1989

    Peter Ellingsen     |      June 4, 2019

    The Chinese Communist Party goes to extraordinary lengths to suppress discussion of the brutal student massacre which crushed pro-democracy protests 30 years ago, but memories of the tragedy remain as intense as ever.

  • Australia’s “strategic personality” in a changing world

    Rod Lyon     |      May 19, 2019

    Beyond the tourist images of barbecues and beaches, what is Australia’s ‘personality’ in international affairs, and how might that change in the future?

  • Assessing China’s soft power in the Pacific

    Richard Herr     |      May 1, 2019

    The fragility of Australian soft power in the Pacific has less to do with Chinese influence than a perception that Canberra has drifted away from the regional consensus on climate change, development priorities and economic relations.

  • Understanding the impact of Sri Lanka’s Easter bombings

    David Ritchie     |      April 28, 2019

    The terror attacks in Sri Lanka that killed more than 300 people on 21 April have exposed the failings and dysfunction of the government in Colombo and the country’s leaders will need to act decisively to stop the attacks from fuelling inter-communal conflicts.

  • Will Australia gain or suffer from Britain’s Brexit morass?

    Alan Oxley     |      April 26, 2019

    The United Kingdom’s withdrawal from the European Union may eventually present opportunities for Australia. But, while much will depend upon the shape of the final withdrawal agreement, there are measures Australia could take now to develop future opportunities.

  • Australia and Indonesia can strengthen ASEAN

    Graeme Dobell     |      April 25, 2019

    Entering ASEAN would help Australia shape the future of South East Asia in concert with the fast growing democracy of Indonesia.

  • Delving deeper after the ABC’s China investigations

    Andrew Chubb     |      April 20, 2019

    The recent ABC documentary exposing China’s political interference in Australian affairs did little to question the effectiveness of this country’s foreign intervention laws.

  • Unfinished business – Russia’s war on Ukraine

    Kyle Wilson     |      April 11, 2019

    Five years after Russia’s annexation of Crimea and proxy invasion of East Ukraine, the fears that Putin seeks further expansion of Russia’s boundaries are as real as ever.

  • Engaging Europe after Brexit

    Tim Harcourt     |      April 8, 2019

    Australia’s engagement with Europe has traditionally been dominated by its relationship with the United Kingdom. After Brexit, Australia should look to forge stronger ties with Brussels and the continent.

  • Adani is a burning question for Australia-India relations

    Ashok Sharma     |      April 7, 2019

    The Adani coal mine has provoked significant opposition in Australia but this resistance to what India sees as an essential project to help secure its energy future may have a lasting impact on Australia-India relations.

  • Women, mining and conflict in the Asia–Pacific

    Alison Davidian     |      March 30, 2019

    As our region grapples with the responsible management of natural resources, it’s critical that our policies and programming are rooted in advancing the women, peace and security agenda.

  • Can ‘revisionists’ rule the world?

    Rod Lyon     |      March 16, 2019

    A world disordered by the joint efforts of Russia and China to diminish US power and influence — accelerated by some of the US’s own actions — seems to be the near-term reality we’ll be living through.