• Australia-Pacific connections for a digital future

    Benjamin Blackshaw     |      October 4, 2019

    Pacific Connect brings together emerging leaders and entrepreneurs from across the South Pacific and a recent Ideas Exchange at NSW Parliament House showed the power of the program to make meaningful connections.

  • Why the Solomon Islands and Kiribati switched sides

    Michael Shoebridge     |      September 26, 2019

    Kiribati and Solomon Islands have switched diplomatic recognition from Taiwan to the People’s Republic of China and the move is about more than the Chinese Communist Party’s relentless campaign to isolate Taiwan.

  • Australia on the rocks in the Pacific

    Kevin Rudd     |      September 12, 2019

    Former Prime Minister Kevin Rudd argues that Australia’s inactivity on climate change is damaging our ability to ‘Step Up’ regional engagement in the Pacific and counter the growing influence of China.

  • Bainimarama visit highlights Pacific “family ties”

    Richard Herr     |      September 11, 2019

    Scott Morrison has emphasised Australia’s ‘family relationship’ with Pacific nations, and we’ll get a good idea of the state of relations when Fijian Prime Minister Frank Bainimarama visits Canberra this week.

  • Climate, coal and kinship in Australia-Pacific relations

    Katerina Teaiwa     |      August 27, 2019

    Australia’s efforts at developing a positive relationship with the Pacific Islands appear to be shadowed by Australia’s continued reliance on coal, which has greatly angered Pacific leaders.

  • Aid must cover more than infrastructure

    Terence Wood     |      August 24, 2019

    Improving Pacific infrastructure will help the region’s development, but a wider range of aid is required to help Pacific islands make the most of their potential.

  • The ‘Samoan model’ offers hope to female politicians in the Pacific

    Kerryn Baker     |      August 19, 2019

    While elections in the Cook Islands, Fiji, Guam and Solomon Islands have brought in record numbers of women MPs, the Pacific region as a whole is still at the bottom of global league tables on women’s representation.

  • Morrison’s moment of truth in the Pacific

    Wesley Morgan     |      August 11, 2019

    Can Australia’s prime minister convince the leaders of Pacific Island countries that he is serious about regional engagement when they are sceptical of Australia’s record on climate change?

  • Family and foreign policy in the South Pacific

    Graeme Dobell     |      August 6, 2019

    Australia’s pivot to the South Pacific talks up both personal connections and foreign policy interests. but these different elements can repel as well as attract.

  • Between two worlds: The forgotten voices of Oceania

    Kalolaine Fainu     |      July 30, 2019

    Australian documentary maker Kalolaine Fainu talks about her new work – a tribute to her ancestors and a seldom witnessed exchange between Pacific and Australian cultures.

  • Sowing the seeds of a new debt crisis in the developing world

    David Uren     |      July 22, 2019

    The World Bank has sounded a warning about China’s lending to low-income countries. The gains for participants in the BRI are in danger of being undone by unsustainable debts.

  • Building disaster resilience in the Pacific: The Yasawa case study

    Lanieta Tokalauvere     |      July 14, 2019

    In the wake of tropical cyclone Evan in 2012, a Fijian organisation – Live & Learn Environmental Education – helped a local charity to implement a food bank scheme in the Yasawa community. The project showed its real strengths four years later, when cyclone Winston devastated the islands again.