• The recycling robot

    Open Forum     |      July 2, 2021

    Researchers at the University of Sydney are developing a smart, automated robot to sort recyclable plastic waste. 

  • Insights from the ‘edge of chaos’

    Open Forum     |      June 30, 2021

    Some neuroscience theories suggest the human brain operates best ‘at the edge of chaos’. Now scientists in Australia and Japan have found that keeping a nanowire network at the edge of becoming chaotic is the best state for it to produce useful signals to solve problems.

  • The truth is out there

    Adam Dodd     |      June 29, 2021

    A report from the US task force dedicated to investigating Unidentified Aerial Phenomena shows the authorities are beginning to take these mysterious sightings more seriously.

  • Commercialising research

    Melanie Davern     |      June 28, 2021

    Over the last 50 years, innumerable reports have called for better processes to commercialise Australian academic research, but progress will only be made if we tackle the obstacles and incentives confronting researchers.

  • Enter the dragon

    Open Forum     |      June 28, 2021

    A newly identified species of human called Homo longi or ‘Dragon Man’ may be the closest ancestors to modern humans yet discovered.

  • Picking up the pace

    Gillian Savage     |      June 13, 2021

    Now more than ever Australia needs to be innovative, and knowing our strengths – and weaknesses – in science and technology base is the key to progress.

  • Little green numbers

    Anders Sandberg     |      June 9, 2021

    Unidentified flying objects might be many things, but alien spacecraft are most unlikely to be one of them.

  • They’re here…?

    Alan Stevenson     |      May 29, 2021

    Recent revelations of UFO sightings by American Navy fighter pilots may not be proof of alien visitation, but are certainly worthy of further serious scientific investigation.

  • Embracing critical technologies and the quantum revolution

    Gavin Brennen     |      May 17, 2021

    Critical and emerging technologies present a myriad of opportunities, challenges and threats, and PM&C is the only department with the whole-of-government perspective to balance them across our economy, society and national security.

  • Einstein on the birds and bees

    Open Forum     |      May 15, 2021

    Could bees and birds help us understand the principles of physics? Albert Einstein thought so, according to a long-lost letter that reveals he predicted a link between physics and biology seven decades before the evidence emerged.

  • Passing on passwords

    Open Forum     |      May 8, 2021

    Research from James Cook University shows increasingly complex website password restrictions often leave users frustrated and lead to poor password security.

  • Funding NEMO

    Open Forum     |      April 26, 2021

    Astrophysicist Paul Lasky makes the case for creating a gravitational wave detection observatory in Australia.