• Action at a distance

    Open Forum     |      October 9, 2022

    The fascinating story of the ways philosophy have turned into physics and reality has been reframed as information.

  • The art of engineering

    Open Forum     |      October 7, 2022

    Could the interface between art and science be more than just a source of inspiration and instead be used to unlock new scientific approaches?

  • The morals of mind-reading

    Jared Genser     |      October 2, 2022

    Mind reading is no longer the preserve of psychologists and charlatans, but the ability of machines to tap into our thoughts will open a new slew of legal issues.

  • Welcome to the world’s next supercontinent

    Open Forum     |      October 1, 2022

    Just in case you were running out of things to worry about, researchers are now predicting the Pacific Ocean is going to disappear – but not for another 230 million years or so.

  • The human element

    Huon Curtis     |      September 30, 2022

    Policy conversations about critical technology usually downplay the human elements of knowledge and ingenuity which make the machines come alive.

  • Why science works

    John Wright     |      September 19, 2022

    People love to find patterns in nature and science remains the best way of deciding which ones are true, and which are self-deception.

  • Rebooting research…again

    Sue Bennett     |      September 4, 2022

    Labor’s Education Minister Jason Clare has kicked off what could be a major reset of university research funding in Australia.

  • Into the dark

    Open Forum     |      August 19, 2022

    A kilometre under the ground in Stawell, in the Northern Grampians in Victoria, a team of Aussie scientists have put the final touches on an underground lab that will help us understand the nature of our universe.

  • Citizen science

    Ben Knight     |      August 18, 2022

    We can all channel our inner amateur researcher and make a valuable contribution to science with our eyes – and smart phones.

  • Smart textiles and soft robots

    Neil Martin     |      August 12, 2022

    Smart textiles with artificial muscle fibres which allow them to move and take different forms have been produced by a team from UNSW’s Medical Robotics Lab.

  • Less talk, more action needed to reform IP

    Joel Lexchin     |      July 25, 2022

    IP laws are supposed to work to aid pharmaceutical innovation in rich nations. Can a new system support treating illnesses rife in developing economies, too?

  • 6 ways for governments to drive innovation

    Lucy Cameron     |      July 18, 2022

    Whereas most innovation now comes from the private sector, governments can encourage innovation and economic growth through creating the right conditions for change.