• Experts react to the Federal government’s AI discussion papers

    Open Forum     |      June 7, 2023

    The Albanese government is reportedly considering a ban on “high-risk” uses of artificial intelligence and automated decision-making, warning of potential harms including the creation of deepfakes and algorithmic bias, and a range of Australian experts and researches have given a mixed reaction to the papers informing this debate.

  • AI isn’t alive and won’t kill us – yet

    Philip Goff     |      May 21, 2023

    AI researchers such as Eliezer Yudkowsky warn that the creation of ‘artificial general intelligence’ may herald the end of the human race, but more sanguine attitudes to the capabilities and intentions of AI are still possible.

  • The AI conundrum

    Jon Whittle     |      May 8, 2023

    One of the world’s top AI scientists is now describing AI as a new form of intelligence – one that poses unique risks, and will therefore require unique solutions.

  • AI never forgets

    Rob Nicholls     |      April 21, 2023

    Many people now use ChatGPT at work or at home for a wide range of exploration and tasks, but we should all be careful not to give it confidential details about ourselves or our companies.

  • Not if, but when

    Noor Gillani     |      April 20, 2023

    AI chatbots based on large language models can beat people at advanced strategy games, generate incredible art, write blurbs and even diagnose cancers and compose music, but could they ever be as intelligent as humans?

  • A short history of artificial neural networks

    Alan Stevenson     |      April 12, 2023

    Artificial neural networks are machine learning algorithms inspired by the biological structure and function of the human brain and may soon outstrip it in terms of intelligence and even creativity.

  • Making the most of ChatGPT

    Alan Stevenson     |      April 11, 2023

    AI technology such as ChatGPT is here to stay and we should make the most of its ability to enhance human creativity and scientific discovery and lower barriers to learning, while remaining mindful of its potential misuse and downsides.

  • Tik-tok and the tyrants

    Justin Bassi     |      April 10, 2023

    The hope that technology and online information would liberate people from oppressive regimes has been dashed by the weaponisation of the internet and social media by Russia and China to oppress their own populations and poison international debate.

  • Stop, look and listen

    Rodolfo Ocampo     |      April 9, 2023

    The avalanche of possibilities triggered by the release and rapid development of AI chatbots is unlikely to slow, given the potential rewards for the winners of the race, but there are still reasons to pause.

  • Who’s accountable when AI goes wrong?

    Robayet Syed     |      April 5, 2023

    Businesses, students and individuals are eager to use AI to reduce costs and improve productivity, but who will they have to blame when the bots make mistakes?

  • A plea to pause giant AI experiments

    Open Forum     |      March 30, 2023

    In a plea likely to fall on deaf ears at the tech giants pushing forward with AI chatbots, the Future of Life institute has published this open letter calling for a six-month moratorium on AI deployment to allow its ramifications to be properly considered.

  • AI in Australia

    Charles Hunt     |      January 22, 2023

    Artificial Intelligence is the latest technology to capture public, commercial and government attention, and the Albanese government has launched a host of new initiatives to meet the challenge.