• Planning Earth’s defence against cosmic objects

    Svetla Ben-Itzhak     |      August 6, 2022

    A large asteroid or comet on track for Earth would be a global threat and it would require national and international efforts to stop it.

  • Keep watching the skies!

    Andrew Rivkin     |      July 7, 2022

    If an asteroid threat emerged, Earth would need to be ready and scientists are continually working to give the planet the best range of defensive strategies.

  • How an asteroid near-miss shocked the UN

    Sergio Camacho-Lara     |      July 5, 2022

    Spurred by a near miss, the world built an alert system to detect #asteroids heading for Earth, but if one were found it’s not clear who would decide what to do next.

  • The amateur asteroid hunters giving NASA a run for its money

    Peter Vereš     |      June 29, 2022

    Even with millions in funding and super high-tech equipment, the world’s space agencies need a helping hand from people at home to track down near earth asteroids.

  • Planet wars

    Daniel Deudney     |      April 16, 2022

    The DART mission to test the redirection of an asteroid is billed as potentially planet-saving, but in the wrong hands the technique has seriously destructive potential.

  • Asteroid hunting

    Rachel Packham     |      March 3, 2022

    Although the end of the world is far more likely to emerge from a Russian ICBM silo than the skies above at the moment, Australia can play a useful role in searching for potential planet killers from the asteroid belt.