• Close encounters of the drone kind

    Steven Tingay     |      May 24, 2022

    The United States Congress recently held a hearing into “unidentified aerial phenomena” and while it’s likely they’re drones of terrestrial origin, they’re rekindling interest into the possibility of alien visitation.

  • Mining the Moon and Mars

    Neil Martin     |      May 16, 2022

    Off-earth mining may once have been purely the stuff of science fiction, but now it’s potentially a US$1 trillion industry that is likely to be vital if humans are serious about colonising Mars or the Moon.

  • Is anybody out there?

    Chris Impey     |      May 6, 2022

    The passive search for alien intelligence has failed to bear fruit, so scientists are now actively sending messages to potentially habitable planets.

  • Data literacy is the best weapon against fake satellite images

    Bo Zhao     |      May 2, 2022

    A new algorithm can detect faked satellite images with a high degree of accuracy, but the best safeguard is an informed public.

  • A sphere surrounded by cubes

    Open Forum     |      April 21, 2022

    Since 1998, more than 3400 nanosatellite missions have been launched since 1998, and the shrinking size of satellites are making it ever cheaper and more accessible to do science in space.

  • From Taree to NASA

    Open Forum     |      April 18, 2022

    Walking the corridors of places such as NASA and the European Space Agency never crossed the young Jeffrey Walker’s mind when he was tinkering with his dad in the garage of their Taree home, on the mid-north coast of New South Wales.

  • Planet wars

    Daniel Deudney     |      April 16, 2022

    The DART mission to test the redirection of an asteroid is billed as potentially planet-saving, but in the wrong hands the technique has seriously destructive potential.

  • Australia’s new space command

    Russell Boyce     |      March 28, 2022

    Australia has copied the American model in creating a ‘space command’ to unify its space faring efforts and counter hostile actions by Russia and China in orbit around the Earth.

  • Australia’s strategic space update

    Malcolm Davis     |      March 13, 2022

    Australia’s strategic space update should envision an ambitious future incorporating sovereign launch capacity and a composite space control program.

  • Asteroid hunting

    Rachel Packham     |      March 3, 2022

    Although the end of the world is far more likely to emerge from a Russian ICBM silo than the skies above at the moment, Australia can play a useful role in searching for potential planet killers from the asteroid belt.

  • We have liftoff

    Open Forum     |      December 26, 2021

    The $10bn James Webb telescope has left Earth on its mission to view the first stars to light up the Universe and perhaps find signs of extra-terrestrial life.

  • Space is the place – for war or peace

    Steven Freeland     |      December 15, 2021

    If a war in space does take place, the devastation would be long-lasting and perhaps irreversible. We must work towards civil and commercial activities that enhance capabilities and promote peace in space.