• Recharging battery technology

    Mahdokht Shaibani     |      November 6, 2021

    Rechargeable batteries to store the energy of renewables and electrify our transportation promise to be a critical step in fighting climate change.

  • Batteries not included?

    Max Thomas     |      August 7, 2021

    The silence from green technological optimists concerning the ‘Big Battery’ fire at Moorabool near Geelong is deafening, and inquiries into the accident should raise wider questions about the use of large lithium batteries in energy management.

  • Batteries included

    Open Forum     |      June 6, 2021

    Community-scale batteries are already achievable in Australia, will complement existing household batteries and will allow more solar energy to be stored in our suburbs, according to analysis from The Australian National University.   

  • A battery powered opportunity

    Mahdokht Shaibani     |      July 28, 2020

    The shocking economic consequences of COVID-19 and the ever-growing US-China trade war, both considered as “serious” threats to Australia, could bring welcome changes to our battery industry, if we seize the opportunity.