• The people problem

    Open Forum     |      May 10, 2024

    Sustainable Population Australia is alarmed that the NSW Biodiversity Outlook Report 2024 fails to identify population numbers and growth as the underlying causes of biodiversity decline in the state.

  • Why biodiversity matters

    Open Forum     |      November 28, 2023

    A year on from the COP15 summit of the Convention on Biological Diversity, a new book by UQ ecologist Nigel Dudley builds a case for “Why Biodiversity Matters” and why we should care if species go extinct.

  • Natural’s not in it

    Open Forum     |      December 20, 2022

    New modelling shows extinction cascades caused by habitat clearing and climate change could wipe out more than a quarter of global biodiversity within our children’s lifetimes.

  • Strengthen the things that remain

    Open Forum     |      December 7, 2022

    Most of Victoria’s native bush has been cleared for agriculture over the last two hundred years, and urgent action is required to protect remaining pockets of scrub and forest to safeguard precious biodiversity.

  • Mapping bio-diversity brings economic benefits

    Open Forum     |      June 3, 2021

    A new report by Deloitte Access Economics has found every $1 invested in discovering all remaining Australian species will bring up to $35 of economic benefits to the nation.

  • A return to the wild for better immune systems

    Open Forum     |      August 11, 2020

    A research team led by the University of Adelaide has found that revegetation of green spaces within cities can improve soil microbiota diversity towards a more natural, biodiverse state, which has been linked to human health benefits.

  • Mapping global threats to biodiversity

    Open Forum     |      March 15, 2019

    A University of Queensland-led team has mapped the massive extent of destructive human activities, including hunting, land clearing, urbanisation and other agro-industrial land uses, on global biodiversity.

  • Invasive species and habitat loss threaten our biodiversity

    Open Forum     |      December 12, 2018

    Invasive species and habitat loss are the biggest threats to Australian biodiversity, according to new research by the Threatened Species Recovery Hub in partnership with The University of Queensland.

  • Cyber-threats rank high in new WEF Global Risk Report

    Open Forum     |      January 25, 2018

    The World Economic Forum’s Global Risks Report for 2018 highlights the threats which cyber-crime, environmental degradation and political turmoil pose to the planet and its 7.6 billion citizens.