• The dead cat bounce of coal

    Jorrit Gosens     |      June 30, 2022

    Recent volatility in global fossil energy markets have been a boon for coal exporters but, in the long term, it will only accelerate the phase-out of coal, as policymakers in importing countries transition to clean domestically produced energy for a range of environmental, economic and security reasons.

  • Phasing out coal while maintaining energy security

    Daniel D'Hotman     |      January 8, 2021

    The end of coal-fired generation in Australia is inevitable. The only questions are when coal-fired power stations will close and how well Australia will manage that phasedown.

  • Asia shuts the door on Australian energy exports

    Open Forum     |      October 28, 2020

    Thermal coal and gas export markets about to rapidly shrink as Asia leads net-zero emission coal and gas exits.

  • National security should reframe the coal debate

    Tom Smethurst     |      April 14, 2020

    Environmental arguments against coal haven’t worked, so it’s time to mobilise a new argument against Australia’s harmful addiction to fossil fuels – the national security interest.

  • BlackRock is the canary in the coalmine

    John Quiggin     |      January 18, 2020

    The government’s case for doing nothing about climate change has been the “economy-wrecking” costs of serious action, but as investments associated with coal become toxic, inaction will cause even greater economic harm.

  • Six questions answered on Adani

    Adrian Werner     |      June 15, 2019

    By approving the Adani’s groundwater management plan on June 13, the Queensland government has given the final green light to the company’s controversial Carmichael coal mine.

  • Dealing with the dragon

    Michael Shoebridge     |      February 27, 2019

    China’s recent disruption of Australian coal exports underlines the country’s need to diversify exports to Indonesia, India and other nations, rather than relying so heavily on just one trading partner.