• Saving lives from opioids

    Louisa Picco     |      July 7, 2024

    Naloxone is a safe and effective medicine that reverses the effects of an opioid overdose, so why has its uptake been so slow?

  • Down the plughole

    John Coyne     |      April 30, 2024

    Wastewater analysis shows that Australia’s consumption of a range of illicit drugs continues to climb, despite the best efforts of law enforcement and harm minimisation schemes.

  • A half empty pill box

    Open Forum     |      July 7, 2023

    Fewer than half of approved primary uses for new drugs in the US and Europe between 2011 and 2020 added substantial therapeutic value over existing treatments.

  • Tackling drugs in the Pacific

    Open Forum     |      January 14, 2023

    The production and trafficking of illicit drugs in Asia and the Pacific poses a significant threat to Australia as well as the nations involved.

  • The silent pandemic of over-prescribing

    Justin Turner     |      September 17, 2022

    Canada is taking action against the over-prescribing of drugs of dubious medical benefit and Australia should follow suit.

  • Strange, new and deadly

    Jennifer Schumann     |      August 7, 2022

    While attitudes to some drugs, such as cannabis, are softening, an influx of new drug compounds to the streets and clubs are raising new concerns.

  • Are drugs a health or legal problem?

    John Coyne     |      December 14, 2021

    Australia’s federal, state and territory governments see illicit drug addiction as a law enforcement, rather than a health issue, but targeting supply alone is not a winning strategy.

  • Arvanitakis on the war on drugs: why have we failed?

    James Arvanitakis     |      September 12, 2021

    Australia has struggled to control the supply and consumption of cocaine, meth and other hard drugs, but without creative solutions the criminal gangs and terrorist organisations which traffic them will continue to thrive.

  • Australia’s five per day

    Open Forum     |      April 19, 2021

    There were more than five drug-induced deaths per day in Australia in 2019, with an increase in deaths involving amphetamines and cocaine, according to a new report.

  • Reconstructing pharmaceutical chains after COVID-19

    Raghbendra Jha     |      May 25, 2020

    India’s pharmaceutical industry is set to benefit as the world looks to diversify the global supply chain away from China.

  • Ice, ice baby

    Diane Nazaroff     |      March 5, 2020

    NSW’s Special Commission of Inquiry into methamphetamine treatment services, harm reduction and drug laws has missed an opportunity for reform.

  • High on rebellion

    William Partlett     |      February 15, 2020

    The Australian Capital Territory’s new cannabis laws are at odds with Australia’s federal laws, but should the federal government stay out of the argument?