• Tracking emissions from space

    Open Forum     |      November 22, 2022

    CO2-tracking satellites can observe and measure changes in CO2 emissions from a large power plant, allowing us to trace greenhouse gas emissions right back to the source, according to new research from Canada.

  • The big picture

    Open Forum     |      August 29, 2021

    A series of satellites fitted with hyperspectral sensors could become a key component in Australia’s space capabilities, providing data with applications in climate science, disaster management, water resource monitoring, agriculture, and land use.

  • CSIRO opens satellite offering for Australian Earth observation

    Open Forum     |      July 9, 2021

    Australian researchers in industries like agriculture and natural disaster management can now apply to direct the Earth observation satellite NovaSAR-1 by accessing Australia’s share of the satellite through CSIRO. This will mark the first time Australia has managed its own source of Earth observation data.