• Understanding ‘eco-cultural’ identity

    Ben Knight     |      July 4, 2020

    The importance of the environment is often downplayed as merely one in a sea of global issues. However, the environment is not only indistinguishable from these issues, it is fundamental to who we are.

  • Scientists crack the cane toad’s genetic code

    Open Forum     |      September 21, 2018

    A group of scientists from UNSW Sydney, the University of Sydney, Deakin University, Portugal and Brazil have unlocked the DNA of the cane toad, a poisonous amphibian that is a threat to many native Australian species.

  • The sleepy lizard awakens new tools for climate change research

    Michael Kearney     |      August 12, 2018

    Understanding the factors which limit the distribution of animals – such as their need for water – can help model how populations will shift in the light of climate change.

  • Good habits for good environment

    Lisa Novoradovskaya     |      December 7, 2017

    Environmental damage will considerably impact generations to come. Lisa Novoradovskaya, PhD student at Curtin University, WA, explains how changing behaviours by promoting proper habits could improve our health and environment.