• Why Australia needs new foreign relations law

    Peter Jennings     |      August 31, 2020

    The Morrison government is closing the door on a disastrous decade for Australia where our greed and naivety turned us wilfully blind to the predatory ambitions of China.

  • The worried West – Chronic decline or hypochondria?

    Michael Shoebridge     |      April 4, 2018

    Being Russian, North Korean or Chinese at this moment in history and watching liberal democracies talk themselves into decline must be odd but satisfying.

  • Decoding the ASEAN declaration

    Greg Earl     |      March 19, 2018

    As the ASEAN summit wraps up, the Sydney Declaration has subtly taken Australia’s relationship with its closest Asian neighbours into new territory after a diverse week of engagement from soccer to social entrepreneurs.

  • The ‘Game of Thrones’ in our own backyard

    Allan Gyngell     |      March 19, 2018

    Allan Gyngell, the National President of the Australian Institute of International Affairs, discussed the challenges posed by China’s growth at a recent NZIIA conference and warned that ‘winter is coming’.

  • Xi’s Chinese power grab weakens global democracy

    Thom Dixon     |      March 18, 2018

    Xi Jinping has rewritten the Chinese constitution to install himself as President for life and his ruthless power grab has wider implications for democracy in Asia and the rest of the world.

  • The future of ASEAN

    Marty Natalegawa     |      March 18, 2018

    Over five decades, ASEAN has helped to strengthen Southeast Asian political and economic relations, but important changes are required to ensure it remains relevant, including the addition of at least one more member state.

  • Time for a national strategy?

    John Coyne     |      March 17, 2018

    Australia needs a lot more than luck or a ‘she’ll be right’ attitude to thrive in the uncertain and hyper competitive 21st century. Without a national strategy, the shaping of Australia’s destiny will be left to fate at best, or to foreign influence at worst.

  • It’s time for a fresh start with ASEAN

    Huong Le Thu     |      March 2, 2018

    Australia’s muddled relationship with ASEAN has cost the country exports and influence. The holding of the first Australia–ASEAN Special Summit in March 2018 offers a chance to get things right.

  • Australia-China Bilateral Relations: How Did We Get Here?

    James Laurenceson     |      March 2, 2018

    With Australia-China bilateral relations at close to a 10-year low, the Turnbull government would do well to reflect on what the past year’s negative approach to this important relationship has achieved.