• Making the most of Australia’s free trade agreements

    Evgeny Postnikov     |      October 5, 2023

    Australia has been at the forefront of trade liberalisation, negotiating and signing a record number of FTAs with most of its important trading partners over the last two decades.

  • Not-so-free trade in the Asia Pacific

    Shaun Cameron     |      October 22, 2021

    Free trade facilitated rapid economic growth in the Asia-Pacific region, but new trade barriers, geopolitical rivalries, the COVID-19 pandemic, and regional inequality are threatening this expansion.

  • Saving free trade in the post-COVID world

    Evgeny Postnikov     |      October 5, 2021

    The post-pandemic recovery offers an opportunity recalibrate existing policies to maintain the fruits of the last few decades of trade liberalisation while making its benefits more equitable across societies.

  • Free trade isn’t dead yet

    David Uren     |      December 23, 2019

    Conflict over trade dominated the economic headlines in 2019, so it’s heartening that the year ended with significant progress on three trade agreements.

  • The enduring fight for free trade

    Andrew Leigh     |      November 15, 2018

    The argument for free trade must continually be made to convince a skeptical public but new measures must also take account of changing circumstances to ensure Australia’s trade remains healthy into the future.