• Brainstorm not group think

    Sabrina Habib     |      May 18, 2022

    As automation and artificial intelligence encroaches ever further on the world of work, human creativity is more important than ever and companies can use a range of approaches to maximising the group production of ideas – including GAP’s Second Track process.

  • Using blockchain to secure Asian supply chains

    Yingli Wang     |      May 13, 2022

    Blockchain can ensure transparency, traceability and trust for international trade in fishing mining and other industries, helping organisations cope with increasing disruptions by ensuring resilient and agile supply chains.

  • Tabi on Racial Matters: DEI is a must have not just nice to have

    Gloria Tabi     |      May 10, 2022

    Policies encouraging diversity, equity and inclusion have become crucial for the health, productivity and success of organisations and businesses.

  • Crafting mentally healthy workplaces

    Victoria Tichá     |      May 5, 2022

    Prevention is a crucial aspect of addressing mental health in the workplace, and it starts with organisational culture, says UNSW Business School’s Frederik Anseel.

  • You get more ideas from a face-to-face meeting

    Open Forum     |      April 29, 2022

    Traditional in-person meetings were largely replaced by video calls during COVID, but such video calls tend to lower the production of creative ideas, compared to round the table discussions according to US researchers.

  • We care – about profits

    Craig Donaldson     |      April 23, 2022

    Companies looking to jump on the brand activism bandwagon to sell their goods and services to otherwise hard to reach socially conscious consumers need to at least appear authentic in their advertising to avoid the risk of consumer backlash.

  • Digitization and new normal: 6 ways to put your business on the map

    Derek Lotts     |      April 22, 2022

    Two years of COVID lockdowns, online shopping and working from home, have only increased the need for small businesses to embrace technology to promote their goods and services.

  • Business leadership in the post-COVID world

    Victoria Tichá     |      April 8, 2022

    Is a new breed of CEO required to lead in a post-COVID world? Future CEOs will require extra skills to successfully manage themselves and their organisations, according to UNSW Business School’s Frederik Anseel.

  • Every Sherlock needs their Watson

    Gamze Koseoglu     |      March 25, 2022

    While the self-styled ‘creatives’ in firms and agencies have little in common with truly creative people, they also benefit from the help and advice offered to many historical – and fictional – figures in the arts and sciences.

  • Tabi on racial matters: DEI without specifically dealing with Equity is incomplete

    Gloria Tabi     |      March 4, 2022

    Firms and organisations who chooses to ignore the need to create equity in business operations will reap the consequences in terms of damage to their reputation.

  • Different perspectives on working from home

    Rachel Packham     |      February 16, 2022

    As Australians return to their usual workplaces and adjust to ‘COVID-normal’, a discrepancy remains between the needs, preferences and perceptions of managers and employees.

  • Collision course

    John West     |      February 15, 2022

    A new book, Collision Course, charts the rise and fall of Carlos Ghosn and delves into the complexities of the business and political relations between three motor vehicle giants – Nissan, Renault, and Mitsubishi.