• Defining indigeneity

    Bede Harris     |      April 14, 2023

    How the courts define Indigeneity has profound implications for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples in terms of the prospective Voice to Parliament, land rights and a range of other issues.

  • Promoting indigenous trade and investment

    Darren Godwell     |      February 27, 2023

    Part of the new Australian Ambassador for First Nations’ mandate is to help grow First Nations trade and investment. This will change the game for Indigenous interests and Australia’s economic future.

  • Indigenous people are human too!

    Max Thomas     |      January 30, 2023

    The present struggle for power and influence on all sides in relation to “The Voice to Parliament” attests to the fact of our common humanity.

  • What kind of voice to Parliament?

    Max Thomas     |      October 3, 2022

    The government’s pledge to hold a referendum on an indigenous ‘voice to Parliament’ has been well received, but a number of issues remain to be resolved before the vote takes place.

  • (Not) closing the gap

    Open Forum     |      May 25, 2021

    Gaping policy shortfalls in the Australian Government’s ‘Closing the Gap’ program have seen it fail to reduce disparities in Indigenous health, income, employment, child removal and incarceration, Flinders University researchers say.

  • Community action can save cultural heritage

    Hannah Robertson     |      April 11, 2021

    Community-led research brings together cultural, economic and environmental considerations for a unique design collaboration on Olkola Country in Queensland.

  • An indigenous voice in the constitution

    Gabrielle Appleby     |      January 26, 2021

    As a ‘Voice’ that would allow Indigenous Australians to have a say in parliamentary and government decisions that affect them takes shape, it is vital it be enshrined in our Constitution.

  • Black lives matter in Australia

    Ebony Stansfield     |      January 20, 2021

    Three prominent Indigenous women speak about one of the biggest social movements in the world and how it matters in Australia.

  • Could treaties help close the political gap in Indigenous health?

    Dominic O'Sullivan     |      May 25, 2020

    New Zealand’s Treaty of Waitangi shows the potential such agreements might hold for health and other issues in Australia.

  • Exploring food insecurity in indigenous communities

    Open Forum     |      January 11, 2020

    A new study from the University of Queensland will work with local indigenous communities to improve food security among Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children.

  • Songs of strength

    Open Forum     |      January 5, 2020

    A major study led by researchers at La Trobe has identified key themes that will be used to inform strategies to support Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander parents in the first years of their children’s lives.

  • Remembering William Cooper

    Open Forum     |      December 8, 2019

    William Cooper is best known as a visionary campaigner for his own indigenous people, their equality under the law, and their right to be recognised as their land’s original custodians.