• Is the cure worse than the disease?

    Open Forum     |      July 21, 2021

    Lockdowns are tough on our health, but a COVID-19 outbreak would be worse, according to Aussie and international researchers who reviewed pandemic response in countries with and without lockdowns.

  • Why Melbourne’s business restrictions should work

    Philip Russo     |      August 4, 2020

    By clamping down on personal interactions, the sweeping new business restrictions in Melbourne should reduce the number of community infections to more manageable numbers within the next few weeks.

  • Turn on, tune in, lockdown

    Julia Vassilieva     |      July 19, 2020

    Working alongside each other, broadcast media, social media, citizen science and individually-produced footage rapidly established a distinctive “visual economy” for screen representations of COVID-19.

  • Is the lockdown doing more harm than good?

    Ramesh Thakur     |      May 9, 2020

    It’s better to control the timing, sequence and pace at which restrictions are eased, with built-in flexibility to bring some back should infection numbers shoot up again, than to lose control of the agenda.