• The good stuff

    Open Forum     |      November 5, 2023

    Developing children’s understanding of maths helps them navigate personal, social and political challenges as well as allowing them to add up their pocket money.

  • The music of maths

    Open Forum     |      August 3, 2023

    Learning music and bringing music into maths lessons can help students improve their maths scores, according to an international meta-analysis of 55 studies testing the impact of music lessons, learning a musical instrument and integrating music into maths lessons on a student’s mathematical ability.

  • Maths doesn’t have to be murder

    Bronwyn Reid O Connor     |      March 15, 2023

    No child likes doing reams of maths homework or sitting NAPLAN tests, but parents can take some simple steps to support their children’s studies.

  • Maths education doesn’t add up

    Open Forum     |      January 9, 2023

    There are significant challenges facing teaching and research in the mathematical sciences in Australia, according to a nation-wide review of the discipline.

  • Minimising ‘mathemaphobia’

    Open Forum     |      November 4, 2020

    Maths – it’s the subject some kids love to hate, yet despite its lack of popularity, mathematics is critical for a STEM-capable workforce and vital for Australia’s current and future productivity. Now, researchers exploring the impact of anxiety on learning maths have found that boosting student confidence is pivotal to greater engagement with the subject.

  • Three good reasons to stick with maths

    Deborah Chadwick     |      August 2, 2019

    Many Australian high school students drop maths as soon as they can, perceiving it to be too hard, but there are good reasons to keep up maths studies.

  • How can you prove it? With maths!

    Daryl Holland     |      July 3, 2019

    Finding a mathematical proof is a long, difficult process – involving trial-and-error, grunt work and the occasional eureka moment.