• The race back to the Moon

    Jacco van Loon     |      June 19, 2024

    The booming space industry is fixed on the Moon as a destination and major nations cannot afford to miss this boat as the space sector can boost whole economies.

  • Back to the Moon

    David Flannery     |      February 29, 2024

    Late last week, the American company Intuitive Machines, in collaboration with NASA, celebrated “America’s return to the Moon” with a successful landing of its Odysseus spacecraft.

  • A wonderful year for a moon dance

    Alex Gilbert     |      December 18, 2023

    More than half a century after man last walked on the moon, a record 12 missions from several countries aim to explore it in 2024.

  • From Earth to the Moon

    Ayoush Lazikani     |      November 10, 2023

    In the distant wake of America’s moon landings over 50 years ago, India, Japan and other nations are now investing in missions to the Moon, but imagining travel to the Moon has been part of many cultures.

  • India on the Moon

    Lilly Matson     |      September 18, 2023

    India’s Moon rover Chandrayaan-3 recently completed its 14-day mission at the the lunar south pole. Dr Laura McKemmish, an astrochemist from UNSW Sydney, explains the significance of the mission and what the future holds for lunar exploration.

  • Back to the Moon

    Malcolm Davis     |      November 18, 2022

    After two launch scrubs due to fuel leaks and a hurricane, NASA has taken a giant leap back to the moon after almost 50 years’ absence with the successful launch of the Artemis I mission.

  • Mining the Moon

    Rossana Deplano     |      September 12, 2022

    The Artemis Accords support the use of space resources on a first come, first served basis and could herald the start of space mining on asteroids and the Moon.

  • Back to the Moon

    Gareth Dorrian     |      August 29, 2022

    If all goes well, NASA’s Artemis project put humans back on the Moon in 2025.

  • Rogue rocket to the moon

    Alice Gorman     |      January 29, 2022

    A discarded SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket will crash into the dark side of the moon in a few weeks time, adding to the handful of man-made machines on its surface.