• Thank you for the music

    Emi Berry     |      April 14, 2022

    Music not only helps us relax or have fun, but can actually improve our health.

  • Get back to 50 years ago

    David McCooey     |      November 28, 2021

    The Beatles’ Get Back project, begun in January 1969, has finally been completed with the release of Peter Jackson’s epic documentary.

  • The day of the Triffids

    Ted Snell     |      September 3, 2021

    An intimate new film tells the inspiring but tragic story of David McComb, cult Australian singer/songwriter and driving force behind one of the greatest Australian rock bands.

  • No Charlie, no Stones

    Adam Behr     |      August 26, 2021

    Modest, understated and reliable in a musical world characterised by volume, extravagance and mercurial personalities, Charlie Watts was always good on the night.

  • Confessions – Whilst my guitar gently weeps

    Mark Nicol     |      February 16, 2021

    An enduring love of music has offered consolation to many people through life’s travails, with the power to summon memories as well as offer hope for the future.

  • Counterpoint by Mark Nicol – Music for the festive season

    Mark Nicol     |      December 22, 2020

    Open Forum regular Mark Nicol offers a selection of music “to soothe the savage soul” over the festive season.

  • Counterpoint by Mark Nicol – Music and silence

    Mark Nicol     |      September 30, 2020

    Mark Nicol explores the rich history, unrivaled creativity and uncertain future of western music.

  • Why everyone should learn a musical instrument

    Ben Knight     |      August 31, 2020

    Learning and playing music has many benefits for people of every age, but not in the ways you might think.

  • Musicians band together online during COVID isolation

    Jessica Nelson     |      May 19, 2020

    While the global music industry is rapidly shifting in the face of the COVID-19 crisis, local musicians are finding innovative ways to continue collaborating and learning.

  • All I want for Christmas is … an earworm

    Kenny McAlpine     |      December 25, 2019

    Christmas songs package up all of the joy and nostalgia of the ‘ideal’ festive season into a three-minute ditty. But, my goodness, they can be annoying.

  • Why most music students drop out

    Rachel White     |      December 2, 2019

    More than half of year 10 music students in NSW dropped the subject by the time they reached year 12, often so they could choose subjects that would help them get a higher ATAR.

  • What do musical conductors do?

    Warwick Potter     |      September 7, 2019

    The conductor in a classical orchestra may not play an instrument, but communicates all the same with the performers and their audience. Their role is part artistic, part mathematical and always highly theatrical.