• Remembering Michael Parkinson

    Lea Redfern     |      August 19, 2023

    Genial, humane and engaging, Michael Parkinson was Britain’s most famous chat show host for fifty years and also enjoyed a loyal following in Australia.

  • Farewell Martin Amis

    Camilla Nelson     |      May 22, 2023

    Martin Amis, the pre-eminent novelist-critic of his generation, has died at the age of 73. Never afraid to criticise contemporary society – or defend it from those who would destroy it – he will be greatly missed.

  • Remembering Allan Gyngell

    John McCarthy     |      May 5, 2023

    The passing of diplomat, analyst and writer Allan Gyngell,means that Australia has lost one of his deepest thinkers on foreign affairs and our country’s place in the world.

  • Remembering Jim Molan

    Michael Smith     |      January 19, 2023

    Major General Jim Molan—outstanding soldier, leader, statesman, strategist, pilot, linguist, politician, patriot and author—passed away peacefully on 16 January.

  • Farewell James Lovelock

    Tim Flannery     |      July 31, 2022

    Influential scientist and climate campaigner James Locklock has died at the age of 103.

  • A sailor with the sea in his soul

    Anthony Bergin     |      October 26, 2020

    Sam Bateman, one of Australia’s and the region’s finest maritime and strategic thinkers and leaders. died last week at the age of 82.

  • Cain was able

    Paul Strangio     |      February 2, 2020

    Remembering the life of John Cain, a willing and able premier, and long-term servant of the state of Victoria.