• Mindfulness could help ease chronic pain

    Open Forum     |      February 4, 2019

    Mindfulness meditation may help ease chronic pain as it lessens sensitivity and reduces external stress, say international researchers. Their study compared mindfulness meditation and cognitive behavioural therapy and found similar rates of improvement.

  • Why we’re better off living with unexplained aches and pains

    Open Forum     |      June 28, 2018

    Many every day aches and pains can’t be diagnosed or cured and doctors should be more honest with patients to reduce the amount of pointless and possibly damaging treatments provided.

  • Does early stress increase the likelihood of chronic pain?

    Sarah Nelson     |      May 30, 2018

    Few studies have examined the potential relationship between ‘adverse childhood events’ and chronic pain but understanding their inter-relationship could inform prevention and treatment in the future.

  • Hypnosis offers help for chronic back pain suffers

    Open Forum     |      May 19, 2018

    Chronic low-back pain is the leading cause of disability in Australia and drugs can be ineffective and cause problems of their own. New research suggests that hypnosis, combined with pain education, can help sufferers find relief.

  • Why doctors can struggle to understand pain

    Karen Sibert     |      April 30, 2018

    Everyone experiences pain in a different way, from both an emotional as well as a physical perspective. This reality means that physicians should evaluate patients on an individual basis to find the best way to treat their pain symptoms.

  • Time for a shake up in musculoskeletal pain care

    Helen Slater     |      April 26, 2018

    System wide reform is required to improve the management of chronic pain in Australia and ease the suffering it brings to thousands of Australians.

  • Understanding the social consequences of chronic back pain

    Elizabeth Cummings     |      April 22, 2018

    Efforts to help people who suffer from chronic back pain must acknowledge their diminished sense of functional capability and encourage them to accept help from others without damaging their sense of self worth.