• Breaking the cycle of dependency

    Sarah Dahmann     |      October 25, 2021

    Despite strong economic growth and a targeted income support system, inequality in Australia has crept up over the past three decades. This is a societal problem in itself, but it gets compounded by the fact that disadvantage is also passed down across generations.

  • 3 million Australians live in poverty

    Belinda Henwood     |      February 24, 2020

    More than 3.24 million people in Australia, including 774,000 children, are living below the poverty line, but smart government action on income support, housing and employment could help them lift themselves towards prosperity.

  • Millennials may be the generation to end extreme poverty

    Sarah Meredith     |      January 7, 2019

    Despite often being the object of criticism for their hyper-sensitivity and lack of grit and resolve, Millennials have answered the call to end extreme poverty around the world in ways which eluded earlier generations.

  • Living without the essentials

    Open Forum     |      November 27, 2018

    A new report, produced with UNSW Sydney, allows young people to explain in revealing detail their experiences of poverty.

  • 3 million Australians live in poverty

    Larissa Mavros     |      October 18, 2018

    A new report shows that national poverty rates remain high despite Australia experiencing decades of uninterrupted economic growth.

  • 116,000 people were without a home on Census night

    Open Forum     |      March 14, 2018

    More Australians are living on the streets, with 15% of recent migrants without a home to call their own. The homeless rate has increased 4.6% over the last five years, according to new data from the 2016 Census of Population and Housing.