• Putin’s wars

    Robert Wihtol     |      July 5, 2023

    Vladimir Putin expected Ukraine to surrender without a fight, NATO to hesitate and Europe splinter. A new book traces the roots of his epic miscalculation and how his attempt to destroy the international rules based order has failed.

  • Downfall

    Malcolm Davis     |      June 29, 2023

    A major armed insurrection on top of a long, grinding defeat in Ukraine are turning Vladimir Putin from a fear-inspiring despot into a figure of ridicule.

  • Send in the clowns

    Peter Tesch     |      June 27, 2023

    The one thing a mafia boss can’t afford is to look weak in the eyes of his subordinates, and the ludicrous events in Russia over recent days exposed much about the sordid realities of Putin’s teetering regime.

  • The world’s weakest strong man

    Matthew Sussex     |      June 26, 2023

    The weekend’s farcical events in Russia suggest that the political end for an increasingly rattled Vladimir Putin is approaching fast.

  • On to Moscow

    Peter Rutland     |      June 22, 2023

    Whether or not the Ukraine counteroffensive that began in early June 2023 succeeds in dislodging Russian troops from all the occupied territory, there are growing signs that the push has Moscow worried.

  • Tightening the noose

    Aaron Fichtelberg     |      May 11, 2023

    Putin’s “Victory Parade” mustered just one ancient tank this year as his badly led, poorly equipped and thoroughly demoralised troops and mercenaries retreated in Ukraine. However much he denies it, Putin is losing in Ukraine and defeat may cost him more than personal humiliation.

  • Buffoonery in Belarus

    Adam Cabot     |      April 1, 2023

    Vladimir Putin’s disastrous invasion of Ukraine has not only humiliated his army and isolated his country, but pushed Sweden and Finland into the arms of NATO. Putin’s threat to move tactical nuclear weapons into his ‘mini me’ vassal of Belarus will only harden the resolve of democratic nations to oppose him.

  • Tanks for the memories

    Stephen Norris     |      March 17, 2023

    Two films about tanks highlight how Vladimir Putin and his cronies rule Russian culture with an iron fist to pump out their propaganda message.

  • Are we the baddies?

    Connor Dilleen     |      February 16, 2023

    Vladimir Putin’s absurd attempt to stoke Russian nationalism by evoking the memory of Stalingrad ignores the glaring fact that Russia is now playing the part of the Nazi invaders.

  • The people v Putin

    Natasha Lindstaedt     |      December 13, 2022

    Despite relentless propaganda, leaked Russian figures show support for the war in Ukraine has fallen to just 25% of the population, but dictators don’t have to run for re-election, and Putin shows no sign of stepping down.

  • Putin’s toxic legacy

    Matthew Sussex     |      December 6, 2022

    While Russia’s beleaguered dictator amuses himself by lobbing rockets at Ukrainian civilians, his country has become an international pariah and is falling apart around him.

  • Nobel Peace Prize lauds the fight against Putin

    Robert Dover     |      October 9, 2022

    In recognising a range of activists in Ukraine, Belorussia and Russia itself, the Nobel Committee have dealt another blow to the crumbling dictatorship of Vladimir Putin.