• How old ideas about tolerance can help us live more peacefully today

    Matthew Sharpe     |      April 22, 2019

    In the wake of the tragic attack in Christchurch, and the wider rise of anti-liberal forces, the answers to today’s urgent questions around tolerance may be found in the past.

  • Neighbourhood Church signs are getting political

    Louise Moana Kolff     |      February 24, 2019

    Originally designed to display service times or bible quotations, church signs are becoming a site of political commentary, tackling everything from pill testing to refugee rights.

  • “Alle Shalle Be Wele”

    Veronica Mary Rolf     |      February 16, 2019

    Julian of Norwich was born in the 14th century, into a world ravaged by pestilence, poverty and war, but the lessons taught by the life and works of this medieval English recluse may still have some meaning for people today.