• Don’t follow the leader

    Open Forum     |      January 25, 2024

    Social systems in which influence is focused around one person or a small number of individuals may create environments where new ideas are ignored, and innovation is hindered.

  • Planet selfie

    Brendan Canavan     |      December 31, 2023

    After the COVID interregnum, more people are traveling to more exotic holiday destinations than ever, but the rise of social media means that many of them seem to be doing it to be seen there, rather than see the places they are going.

  • The science of X

    Open Forum     |      December 3, 2023

    As the world faces existential problems such as pandemics and climate change, Australian scientists are facing a dilemma about the best way to connect with the wider public.

  • Singing the party’s song

    Fergus Ryan     |      November 27, 2023

    Vetted and approved social media influencers flourish under the Chinese Communist Party’s tightly regulated social media ecosystem as the party uses their popularity to bolster its dubious legitimacy both domestically and abroad.

  • People are the answer to the people problem

    Marian-Andrei Rizoiu     |      August 16, 2023

    As social media platforms continue to shape public discourse, addressing the challenges posed by harmful content is crucial and new research on the effectiveness of moderating harmful online content offers valuable insights for policymakers.

  • Brand X

    Cameron Shackell     |      July 27, 2023

    Elon Musk’s rebrand of Twitter to “X” may seem high risk, amateurish, or even capricious but it is also generating enormous global interest, pushing Twitter closer to his other X brands and clearing the way for a profitable merging of technologies.

  • #Robodebt

    Ehsan Dehghan     |      July 9, 2023

    Twitter activists, rather than the traditional media, pushed the campaign to hold government ministers to account through a royal commission

  • Twitter v Threads

    Lisa Given     |      July 8, 2023

    Mark Zuckerberg and Elon Musk may or may not take their combat into the ring, but their social media empires are already fighting for supremacy.

  • Social media and political engagement

    Francesco Bailo     |      June 16, 2023

    Social media has undermined democracy in liberal Western states but authoritarian governments also see the political turbulence from uncontrolled information systems as a potential blaze that must be kept under strict control.

  • Don’t feed the beast

    Marc Cheong     |      May 13, 2023

    Don’t let tech giants’ bottom line dictate how you engage with social media. By being aware of how algorithms work, what they’re capable of and what their purpose is, you can make the shift from being a sitting duck for advertisers to an active curator of your own feeds.

  • The social steamroller

    Matthew Pittman     |      May 2, 2023

    Social media began as a way for people to share fun snippets and chat, but under the control of big tech has become a corporate steamroller of advertising and cynical behavioural manipulation.

  • Keeping up appearances

    Sabine Baker     |      February 4, 2023

    People have always tried to ‘keep up with the Joneses” but the temptation to compare our humdrum lives with the sparkling boasts of others on social media can make us feel we’re falling behind everyone else in the world.