• SpaceXplosion

    Wendy Whitman Cobb     |      April 21, 2023

    The loss of the first SpaceX Heavy – the world’s largest rocket – and its Starship payload on its first test flight is just an expensive hiccup towards eventual success.

  • Bringing reusable rockets to Australia

    Malcolm Davis     |      May 21, 2021

    The development of re-useable rockets brings the promise of rapid, low-cost access to space a step closer, and increases the attractiveness of Australia as a potential launch site for both civilian and military purposes.

  • Space – the new frontier

    Tara Djokic     |      December 21, 2017

    Life and societies have been shaped by inquisitions into space, shifting our views and indeed our values in an attempt to better understand our world. Tara Djokic from the Australian Centre for Astrobiology discusses the importance of the continued exploration into space.