• On the frontline against COVID-19

    Lucy Morgan     |      September 14, 2021

    Although vaccination rates are increasing, the greatest strain on the health service is yet to come and in this article two doctors explain how COVID-19 patients are treated in intensive care.

  • Offering patients informed choices could reduce low-value care

    Open Forum     |      July 19, 2021

    Patients often demand treatments that are inappropriate or of little value, but walking them through the risks and benefits of each approach can help them understand why some options are not worth the risk or cost.

  • Pandemic may offer opportunity to wind back unnecessary care

    Open Forum     |      March 17, 2021

    A systematic review of more than 80 scientific studies from around the world has found a pandemic-induced median reduction of 37 per cent in the use of healthcare services, such as visits to emergency departments.

  • Tackling COVID-19 from intensive care

    Open Forum     |      April 1, 2020

    Critically ill patients from intensive care units are part of a global trial testing a suite of flu and pneumonia drugs in a bid to combat COVID-19.