• A step in the right direction

    Blake Johnson     |      November 16, 2023

    The Falepili Union shows Australia willingness to help with the Pacific’s climate mitigation and security needs, and may well set a precedent for being willing to support broader migration and climate adaptation funding.

  • A lifeline for Tuvalu

    Jane McAdam     |      November 13, 2023

    The Australia–Tuvalu Falepili Union Treaty will see Australia offer sanctuary for people from Tuvalu facing the loss of their homes due to climate change and represents the world’s first bilateral agreement on climate mobility.

  • Tuvalu’s Digital Nation

    Colette Mortreux     |      March 1, 2023

    The threatened Pacific island nation of Tuvalu plans to digitise its history and cultural practices in case its people lose their homeland to sea rises caused by climate change.