• Responsible reporting on vaccine hesitancy

    Heather Green     |      June 23, 2021

    Media reports on Australians’ attitudes to vaccinations should emphasise that most people intend to be vaccinated, rather than hype up the fears of a small minority.

  • What’s the best vaccine for the Pacific?

    John Hart     |      April 25, 2021

    Up until now, most of our Pacific Island neighbours have done well controlling COVID-19. But as cases surge in some countries, is one vaccine better for these remote communities?

  • Tackling vaccine ‘hesitancy’

    Open Forum     |      November 30, 2020

    UniSA researchers are evaluating a new vaccination education initiative – the COVID-19 Peer Hub – to help immunisation and public health professionals to tackle the emerging dangers of vaccine hesitancy amid the pandemic.

  • The ethics of infecting healthy people

    Amanda Berry     |      October 26, 2020

    There are more than 200 COVID-19 vaccine candidates being considered at the moment, but human challenge studies are still needed to allow scientists to assess which are most worthy of further development.

  • Should we bank on a vaccine next year?

    Holly Seale     |      October 8, 2020

    A group of 28 vaccine researchers say we might have a vaccine by late-2021, though it could take until well into 2022 for an effective vaccine to be well-distributed.

  • Assuaging religious fears over COVID vaccines

    Holly Seale     |      August 28, 2020

    Church leaders have raised concerns over a COVID-19 vaccine produced using cells derived from aborted foetuses. But the Vatican has already ruled such vaccines ‘morally separate’ from the abortions.

  • The difficult road to a COVID vaccine

    Open Forum     |      August 17, 2020

    Real leadership will be needed to help bring Covid-19 under control in the countries where it is still running rampant and, if and when a vaccine is developed, leadership will also be needed to ensure it gets to those who need it most.