• The ramifications of Australia’s China travel ban

    Bryan Mercuri     |      February 25, 2020

    Australia closed its borders to travelers from China at the start of February ‘to ensure the health, safety and well-being of the Australian community’ so it’s time to assess its impact on the export, education and tourism.

  • The fog of Wuhan

    Raphael Veit     |      February 9, 2020

    After initially suppressing news of the Wuhan virus outbreak, we can’t be sure whether authoritarian China is now using a sledgehammer to crack a nut, or whether this new coronavirus presents a serious global health threat.

  • How does the Wuhan coronavirus work?

    Allen Cheng     |      February 5, 2020

    While most respiratory viral infections are mild, some can trigger serious complications, and the Wuhan virus can prove deadly for vulnerable people.

  • Melbourne scientists cultivate the novel coronavirus

    Open Forum     |      January 30, 2020

    Melbourne scientists have grown the Wuhan coronavirus from a patient sample, which should give expert international laboratories crucial information to help combat the fast spreading virus.