• Managing the hidden water beneath our feet

    Rebecca Nelson     |      October 23, 2019

    Decision-makers have significant discretion when it comes to regulating groundwater, but there is too little transparency about how it is used and its effect on the local environment.

  • NSW residents want action to safeguard water supplies

    Stuart Snell     |      September 16, 2019

    As rainfall dwindles and reserves run dry, residents of NSW are increasingly anxious about the future of domestic fresh water supplies.

  • The global problem of thirsty cities

    Erin O'Donnell     |      June 13, 2019

    500 million people already experience water shortages around the world but better governance and smart water management could lead to collaboration rather than competition and manage our dwindling supplies more efficiently.

  • Preventing more fish deaths in the lower Darling

    Simon Mitrovic     |      April 15, 2019

    A new report for the government that investigates the causes of the recent mass fish deaths in the lower Darling River finds climate change and water access agreements helped create a deadly mix.

  • Water, water, not everywhere

    Paul Satur     |      March 29, 2019

    Safe and clean access to water and sanitation is still not a right afforded to everyone, even in Australia, but tapping into a new way of thinking about water could benefit everyone.

  • Melbourne should use its desalination plants

    Andrew Western     |      March 27, 2019

    Turning on the Wonthaggi water desalination plant now rather than later will save money in the long run and head off an emergency later for the city of Melbourne.

  • The difficult balancing act in the Murray Darling Basin

    Phil Eberbach     |      February 21, 2019

    Low inflows of water into the Murray-Darling system and heavy agricultural extraction have contributed to the cataclysmic fish-kills of recent times, and better management of the system is required to avoid a repetition.

  • Saving the Murray-Darling

    Michael Stewardson     |      January 26, 2019

    The recent death of up to a million fish on a stretch of the Darling River highlights the need for the full implementation of the Murray-Darling Basin Plan and greater water allocations for the natural system.

  • Environmental ‘timebomb’ warning for world’s groundwater reserves

    Isabelle Dubach     |      January 24, 2019

    Over half of the world’s groundwater flows could take over 100 years to respond fully to climate change, new research has revealed.

  • Our Darling’s getting dearer

    Max Thomas     |      May 8, 2018

    With the Senate about to consider allocating more money to the Murray Darling Basin Plan, it’s time to reconsider the issue afresh. Increased efficiency in agricultural water use should result in more water being available for environmental management, not less.